The Medium Chapter 2 Find Thomas Walkthrough

In this The Medium guide, we have the complete walkthrough of Chapter 2: Find Thomas. At the end of Chapter 1, Marianne will get a call from someone called Thomas who tells her he knows the reality about her and asks her to come to Niwa resort as he needs her help.

The Medium Chapter 2 Find Thomas

At the start of Chapter 2, a cutscene will play in which Marianne will be on her bike, going to the resort. After the cutscene ends, Marianne will be outside the Niwa Workers’ Resort. Playing as her, you need to find entrance into the resort.

The main gate will be locked so you need to find another way in. Head to the left side of the resort to find a dumpster which you can use to climb over the wall and into the resort premises.

Now, move ahead on the road which will take you to a cutscene.

After the cutscene, activate your Insight ability to find footprints and follow these footprints to the next mission area, which is an abandoned fort.

Head down the path and squeeze through the narrow gap to enter inside the fort.

Entering the Fort
Just as you enter the fort, Marianne will split into her alternate reality. Controlling both her realities, she moves ahead to the ledge and climbs to find a power box.

Now, focus to Marianne’s split persona to power up the box.

However, you first need to find some energy which can be found by heading left to the caved floor. After you get the required energy, return back to the power box, and charge a spirit blast by holding RT. Once fully, charged, blast the box to power it.

Gate to the next area will open. Use your insight to find the path inside the Niwa hotel. When you’ll be near the hotel’s main building, a phone booth will start ringing.

Answer it by holding L1 and moving the left analog. Once the call dialogue is done, follow the footsteps to the main hotel door.

The door will be locked so you will need to find another way in. You can see a dumpster inside and you’ll need something to get to that dumpster.

Go back to the phone booth to find a red parked car. Look in its trunk to find a screwdriver.

Now return to the door and use the screwdriver to open the door and get to the dumpster. Use the dumpster to climb the ledge and enter the hotel.

Once inside, head to the large gate near the main desk to start a cutscene, in which you will first meet with Sadness.

The Hotel
After the cutscene, your objective will be to meet Sadness on the second floor on the hotel. Use the elevator to get to the 2nd floor.

However, while in the elevator, the power will cut off. In order to restore the power, you will need help of alternate reality Marianne. Hold B to activate ‘Out of Body’ experience.

As alternate Marianne, head back to where you entered the hotel to find an energy orb and charge the power box for the elevator.

Once the elevator is working again, continue to the 2nd floor to find and meet Sadness.

After the short cutscene, continue down the hallway until you reach a locked room. Hold B for an ‘Out of Body’ experience and inside the room, find the Odd Key.

Once you have the key, return to the start of the hallway to unlock the locked door there.

Move inside the room until you reach a large hole in the floor. Use your insight to answer a phone call near the window. Then jump down to the room below and interact with the book to build a recollection of a past.

After the cutscene, go outside and navigate through the area to reach the skin wall. Use the out of body experience to bypass the force field and enter the next room.

Make your way to the bathroom and drain the bath which will be full of blood to find the razor blade.

With the razor blade, you will be able to go through the skin wall. Now move ahead to the next room and pick up the dried sunflower.

Go to the room next and place the flower in the vase which will activate an energy pool in the alternate reality.

Thomas’ Office
Fully charged, exit the room, and use the Spirit shield to make way through a swarm of moths. Reach and climb the staircase and then cut the skin wall and move ahead to reach Thomas’ office.

Inside Thomas’s Office, investigate the big clock on the right and then, the desk. On the ground, you will find a small key which will fit on the large clock’s door.

Open the door to start a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, first move the clock hands to 4 o’clock. This will spawn a spirit wall on the desk. Use the alternate reality Marianne to absorb that energy.

Next, move the clock hands to 5 o’clock. This will open the door to the secret room. Head inside the secret room to find a power box.

Power up the box and then return to the material world. Find the photo in the cabinet and move it to find the switch that leads to the secret room.

Once in the secret room, you will need to find the following items in order to develop photographs.

  • Fixer: Located on the wooden chair near the bench.
  • Metal Tray: Present inside the crate on the ground near the shelves.
  • Multigrade: This is present on the shelf right next to where you find the metal tray.
  • Stop: Located in the sink which is next to the bench.

Then follow the instructions on screen to develop the photographs. Once the images are developed, a big cutscene will start, after which, this chapter will end.

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