The Legendary Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu Return for Final Fantasy Remake?

In a recent interview, the producer of the Final Fantasy 7 Yoshinori Kitase has hinted that the original composer of Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu, may be working on Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

We came upon this interview through a Japanese magazine article regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Brasso de Bravo musical event.

The interview was published in Japanese language but fortunately, a rough translation has been provided by a fansite.

“Currently I am working on the FFVII Remake, and although Uematsu-san has been working on various titles, I haven’t worked directly with him since FFX. When I first went to ask Uematsu-san to work on the music for the remake, he had already distanced himself from Square Enix to work on other projects, so I was thinking (worried) I might be treated coldly… Or so I thought, but the power of the words FFVII, man!”

Those who are Final Fantasy fans they already know what makes Nobuo Uematsu a legend. Uematsu is responsible for either composition or supervision for most of the main Final Fantasy games. He left Square Enix in 2004 and because of that reason, he was no more involved with further Final Fantasy development. Although, seems like the producer has convinced the composer to work his magic on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

This Remake has been in development for some time now but there is little that we know about it. We may still have to wait for some time before this game rolls out. Although there is a bright light to it as well.

As you may know that E3 is just around the corner and Square Enix is also holding a press event, after 2 years. The last one they did was in 2015, so perhaps there is a good chance that we just might hear some more news regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake, hopefully, a release date, if nothing else.