Zelda Ocarina of Time Skulltula Locations Guide

Find all the 100 Skulltulas scattered across the world in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS to complete the House Of Skulltula side quest

There is a side quest in Kakariko Village in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in which you need to defeat 100 Skulltulas to save a family. All these Skulltulas can be found in Hyrule, above and underground. There are few dungeons you can only go as Young Link while others as Adult Link. If you are struggling to find these Skulltulas, we have prepared this Ocarina of Time Skulltula Locations guide for you.

Ocarina of Time Skulltula Locations

Your quest for Skulltulas will be rewarded with several unique items subjected to how many Skulltulas you have found.

10 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than ten Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given an Adults Wallet.

20 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than twenty Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given the Stone of Agony.

30 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than thirty Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given a Giant’s Wallet

40 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than forty Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given a BOMBCHU

50 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than fifty Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given a Piece of Heart (21)

100 Gold Skulltulas
When you have found more than hundred Gold Skulltulas, go to the Kakariko Village and you’ll be given 200 rupees.

As you know these Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time skulltulas are scattered throughout the game and you will find Gold Skulltulas more often at night. Here we have some tips for you on how to hunt them.

Use ears
These gold skulltulas make some very distinct ‘shuffling’ sound, every other second when they move. It doesn’t tell you the pinpoint location but can tell you how close you are to the creature.

Hunt at night
Gold skulltulas don’t come out during the day time very often and that’s why we recommend you to hunt at night as most of these are out at that time.

Check common hiding spots
These gold skulltulas can be anywhere throughout the map so you must check every place even if it doesn’t make any sense. They will be in every patch of the Hyrule.

Check the map
After defeating all the skulltulas in an area, you will see a gold skulltula icon on the map, if you don’t see this icon then that means you still have some gold skulltula lurking out somewhere.

Now that you know the total 100 Gold Skulltulas and also know the necessary information on how to hunt them, here we have the exact locations of all 100 of them

Deku Tree

  • Look up the vines when you fall through the giant web.
  • Inside the room on the grate, after falling through the web.
  • It is on the third floor in a small hideaway on the left of a room.
  • After burning the spider, look behind the wall you bombed.

Dodongo’s Cavern

  • Right of the big room entrance.
  • Stairway room, on the vines by the door of the second floor.
  • Inside the room above stairs in a hideaway. You will need hookshot to defeat this skulltula.
  • Inside the boss room. Destroy the wall to find it.
  • Go inside the room with exploding lizard. Look inside the hideaway there; you will need scarecrow’s song.
  • Inside the belly of Jabu-Jabu.
  • In the room where you raise the water level, look on the vines.
  • When you fall through the long pit, inside the room.
  • In the same room, just next to the previous Skulltula.
  • On the vines just before the boss.

Forest Temple

  • Right of entrance on the vines.
  • On the far right of the main room.
  • Room in the east outdoor on an island.
  • On the wall in the west outdoor room.
  • Rotating room in a hideaway.

Fire Temple

  • Inside the room just before you get the Boss Key.
  • Play the Scarecrow song when Navi gives you the hint. Look for it on the second floor.
  • Inside the room you get the Hammer.
  • Inside the room just after you evaporate the blue block with the Song of Time.
  • In the maze room.

Ice Cavern

  • Inside the room with moving ice block.
  • Inside the room with rotating blade.
  • Inside the room east of the rotating blade.

Water Temple

  • Tower.
  • Behind the waterfall before Boss Key.
  • Just beside the movable platforms.
  • Behind the grate where you meet Ruto.
  • Look above the second vortex in the underground river.

Bottom of the Well

  • Check the wall behind the left door in the center as a Young Link. You need Boomerang.
  • Inside the room behind the locked door on the right.
    Go through the small opening in the northwest.

Shadow Temple

  • After defeating Stalfos, inside the room on your left.
  • Look for a cage inside the room with falling spikes.
  • Giant skull head next to the previous skulltula.
  • Stand on the platform next to the ghost ship and play the Scarecrow’s Song. You will need Longshot.
  • Look behind three giant rotating skulls.

Spirit Temple

  • As young Link, crawl through the small hole at the beginning. Take the door on the right and look at the fence.
  • Go through the second small hole on the other side of climbable wall and look for it inside the door.
  • Above the door inside the room you unlock after pushing the block under the sun light.
  • Use Song of Time to move the blue box in the room with the silver rupees to find it.
  • Across the door that you unlock after pushing the Armos on the switch in the room with the giant statue.

Rest of the Skulltulas require you to explore either as Young Link or Adult. Go to next page to find all the Skulltulas as Young Link and the page that follows it to find the remaining as Adult Link.

Young Link

These Sculltulas can only be found as young Link.

Kokiri Forest

  • Behind Know-It-All-Brothers’ house.
  • Put a bug in the soil near the Kokiri shop.

Hyrule Castle

  • Look inside the crate in the guard tower at the castle gate.
  • First tree across the vines.
  • After getting past the guards through the castle moat, play the song of storms near the tree and bomb the walls inside the hole.

Kakariko Village

  • Tree near the entrance.
  • Look at the brick walls of incomplete house.
  • House across the guard gate.
  • Watch Tower ladder.
  • Beside cursed Skulltula house.


  • Opposite to the entrance, on the wall to the right.
  • Plant bugs in the soft soil.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • Beside Talon’s house.
  • Wooden wall to the left of the cow shed.
  • Back of the wooden part of the corral, north of entrance.
  • In a tree near corral where cuccos hang out during the day.

Lost Woods

  • From Lost Woods entrance, take two lefts and cross under the bridge, plant a bug in the soft soil.
  • Soft soil; go right, left, right, left and left to find it from the entrance.

Death Mountain

  • Cave on the right of the trail. Bomb it for Skulltula.
  • Plant bug in soft soil in front of entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern.
  • Break open the box inside death mountain crater.
  • Break the crate on top of the floor.
  • Plant a bug in soft soil inside death mountain crater. You will need to use Bolero of fire to reach the soil.

Zora’s River

  • Ladder near the entrance to Zora’s Domain.
  • First tree you come across when you enter the river.

Zora’s Fountain

  • Tree on the small island.
  • Right of the fallen log.

Lake Hylia

  • Small Island with two pillars.
  • Side of the Lake Laboratory.
  • Soft soil next to laboratory.

Gerudo Valley

  • Look to the right of plank over the small waterfall.
  • Jump to the ledge on the right of the gate to the bridge. Plant the bug in the soil.

Desert Colossus

  • Soft soil next to the entrance to the Temple of Spirits.

Adult Link

Hyrule Field

  • Near the entrance of Gerudo Valley, you will spot a red boulder. Smash it and bomb a hole in the ground. Use Din’s Fire near the cow and locate the Skulltula.
  • Inside the hole to the left of the Hyrule Castle bridge.

Kokiri Forest

  • Behind Twins House.

Ganon’s Castle

  • Behind the arch that used to guard the gates.

Kakariko Village

  • Next to chicken pen on the wall on the roof of the house. You will need longshot.

Lost Woods

  • You can spot it on the opposite end from the entrance to the sacred forest meadow on the right wall.
  • Right, left, right, left, and left. Now ride the magic bean platform.

Death Mountain

  • Break the nearby rock with your hammer where you used the bomb plant to open Dodongo’s Cavern.
  • Smash the red boulders from where volcano used to erupt.
  • Side of the small platform in the middle of Goran City.

Zora’s River

  • High on the left wall after the bridge.
  • On your way down the river, climb up the ladder on the small ledge.
  • Turn left from the circle of rocks at the top of ladder. You will spot the Skulltula hanging on the wall.

Zora’s Domain

  • From edge of the frozen wall, look left.

Zora’s Fountain

  • Boulder infront of the fairy mountain.

Lake Hylia

  • Bottom of the lab in Lake Hylia inside a crate. You will need iron boots.
  • Trunk above the tree branch of the dead tree. Shoot the trunk to land on the branch.

Gerudo Valley

  • Behind the Carpenter’s tent.
  • Back of stone pillar across from carpenter’s tent.

Gerudo Fortress

  • On the dirt wall above the center entrance.
  • Target pole at archery range.
  • Back of palm tree near fairy fountain.
  • Inside the stone where you first find phantom guide.
  • Ride magic bean platform. You will need to plant seed as child first.

If you have found all 100 Ocarina of Time Skulltula Locations, you will successfully complete this side quest.

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