The Last Story Boss Strategy Guide

The Last Story combat system combines role-playing, real-time strategy and tactical elements to offer unique combat experience and challenging fights as we will explain in The Last Story Boss Strategy guide.

Especially, Boss fights are a real test of your character’s strengths and how far you have progressed through the game and what equipment you have. Can’t beat that Golden Spider or Kraken? Follow our strategy and you should do that it with ease.

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The Last Story Boss Strategy

Chapter 1: Cocoon
The attacks are powerful, and the HP is big. You can dodge his ranged attacks and block the close ones. The damage is more if your weapon has the fire element.

A door will open after you have eaten a little of its HP, it’s easier if you go outside, but it’s up to you. You can do a lot of damage by hitting his head with your bow as well.

Chapter 2: Forest Beast
The boss has only two attacks (rush forward and a paw swipe). It’s an easy one; you can dodge and block his attacks. It will run away once you lower its HP.


Chapter 6: Terracor
This boss has two main attacks (charging and falling forward with the use of front legs). You will learn to defeat the boss from Dagran i.e. climbing up the stairs, hiding along the rail and then slashing him when he’s near.

Try to avoid gathering during the battle, use it only when you want to regenerate the health. Elemental Damage and Jackal’s ice magic circles are an advantage in this fight.

Attack the Terracor once he is stuck in the wall. Once he dislodges, try to get him locked again in the wall by Slashing.

Chapter 10: Zangurg
Don’t use anything special in this battle as Elza cannot win this battle. Once defeated, Elza will be revived by Kanan’s magic.

Chapter 12: Muruk
The attacks (feet stomping and head-butting) are easy to block. The main attack is when he’s falling down; you can avoid it as well. Use the Kanan’s yellow magic circles when he is curling up into shell and then spinning around.

Muruk’s spin attack will paralyze your party, in order to dodge this dangerous attack, hide behind a pillar or use Calista’s magic circle as a barrier.

It will give you the deflector status or Elza will get paralyzed if not. He is vulnerable when he gets onto two feet and starts to wobble, simply go near him and press A to ride on him and then attack repeatedly.

Chapter 14: Doppel Ganger
It’s a Doppel Ganger who will block the sword attacks of Elza and counter. Once Dagran has noticed about the magic circles, the Doppelganger will start to shoot sticky goo at the party. It will start to laugh once it strikes Elza, you can attack him now.

Use gathering to speed up Yurick’s casting. Try to lure Zael into the magic circle in the mirror which will damage him. Repeat this until a cutscene begins.

Repeat the process until it comes out of the mirror. When he gets onto Elza’s head, shake the stick to get rid of him.

Now all of your party members will be copied, and you won’t know who the real ones are. Kill the fake Elza and you will notice that the fakes have a black and a red light on their eyes.

Your team members will also swear at you if you attack them so you’ll know you’re doing it wrong. Later, the Doppelgangerswill start to cycle their positions to confuse you.

The ones with “?” on their heads are supposed to be on your side. You will have to use the Yuri’s Reverse Spell to avoid the Manamia cast curing spells.

Chapter 15: Mystic Spider
This spider is not vulnerable at the start (when he has the guard drawn). Later, it will spawn baby spiders who will attack the party members by head-butting and shooting webs.

If you fail to free Manamia from the web, then she will die, and you will have to fight without a healer. The easy way to free your party members from the bindings is to use Wind.

Make use of the Yuri’s magic circles and attack from the side. You can defeat him by avoiding his attacks and repeating the process.

Chapter 16: Marbas
Observe the running routes of Marbas and make use of the Green Cannon shells as you cannot hit him directly due to his speed.

You can use the Green Cannon shells as a mine and explode them when it’s the right time, it will paralyze the boss for a specific time and make him vulnerable.

Use gathering to find him and attack him thrice. Once he teleports, use Gale to close the gap between the both of you. Use Paralyze Arrows as they are effective against Necromancer.

Watch out for the spells as they inflict Stone; if you are unfortunate enough to get hit by them, simply get into Mirania’s Heal Circle which should dispel them.

Chapter 20: Nebirous
He’s a vampire; use your Silver Arrows to make him vulnerable so the party can attack him. Don’t worry if you run out of Silver Arrows as the ghost child will get you more. If he runs away, chase him and hurt him until he dies.

Guard to get your Gathering to max and use Gathering Burst to slow him down, and then unleash your fury of attacks.

Chapter 21: Lesser Shade
You can only hurt him with Yuri’s fire circles or knock over the torches near the shade and then attack him with elemental damage. A quick kill will get you a bow gun as a reward.

Once he disappears, take care of all his minions and diffuse the girl’s healing circle. Shade will come back and possess Dagran and attack your party. Diffuse the heal circle to end the possession.

Chapter 22: Shade
You can only hurt him with magic or elemental damage. You may command Manamia to cast a plant spell on the shade so you can create a magic circle and then attack him.

After Shade disappears, use Mirania’s healing magic to kill all his minions and then prepare to diffuse and use the command mode again.

Similar to before, he will reappear and possess one of your party members. Lure whoever gets possessed to the healing circle in order to deal with it

Repeat the process until he dies. Note: After half of its HP is down, it will summon Dagran, and you will have to kill him to fight shade again.

Chapter 23: General Asthar
You will have to use all of your unique skills once! Do it once so the battle can move on? Trista’s jumping slam is vital so try to avoid it.

Regain health by equipping Leather Armor or Stealth Armor and running away from Asthar in order to recover your health

Note: There will be a number of cut-scenes (4) in which you will have to push up or down for blocking the attacks, 4th will be the last one. The arrows are useless against Trista as all of them will be blocked.

Queen of the Abyss
As you enter the boss fight, simply activate gathering and head to the nearest bomb. When the Queen eats you, the bomb will explode in her mouth, making her dizzy from the impact.

You can also get the same effect by standing in front of the bomb as she runs towards you. Dodge and she will end up swallowing the bomb.

Should your gathering happen to be off when the Queen eats anyone else, they will lose a life.

Chapter 25: Kraken
Attack the tentacles, when one falls off. The head will pop up to fire a beam on the ceiling of the cave, watch out for the falling rock as it will do a lot of damage. You may use the fallen rock as a massive damaging weapon by using it for a Dunk Slash! Repeat the process. Don’t forget to use command mode so everyone can retreat from the attack.

Chapter 34: Berith
DON’T let Earl die, if he dies, the game is over; he won’t help you in the battle either. The Berith has a shield and a health bar, both will have to be taken out.

Berith’s barrier is easy to break using the Fast Crossbow. Block Berith’s incoming red arrow swords in order to avoid being stunned.

The Kanan’s magic circles will do a lot of damage to damage the shield. You can also use the other attacks, repeat the process as the shield may regenerate. Later, the other characters will join the battle to make it easier!

Chapter 34: Mitra
If you attack Mitra, he’ll attack Earl, who is low on lives now. Use the Manamia’s Plant magic and then the Wind to spray silence.

Command Mirania to use Leaf/Forest Magic and ask Calista to use her healing magic. Yurick can be used to reverse magic circles thrown at you.

Mitra will fall onto the floor by this, attack him with the help of your party now. Avoid the projectiles which are launched out, they cause massive damage. Repeat!

Chapter 35: Darkmuruu
The Darkmuruu has the ability to paralyze you, cast fire damage circles, and even possess your allies. You will have to lure your allies into the Manamia’s healing circle to fix them. It’s just tricky to kill; it will drop a General Sword.

Same as the one in the Haunted Mansion but he’ll summon reinforcements in this one. Use the silver arrows to get rid of him quickly.

Monstrous Spider
As others, he has a shield too. Try to attack from the back side or use the Knight Sword, Grand Swell Sword is very effective here. It will move around and different items will fall onto you, watch out. Use spells of Yuri and Wind to Guard Break.

Chapter 37: Zepha and Zesha
The twins are one of the strongest bosses. Zepha puts on a barrier, and Zesha attacks the party from behind. Ignore Zesha, and make sure you damage Zepha as much as you can. Match the spell colors, and command your mages to target Zepha’s barriers.

Spell Colors: Green (Forest), Blue (Blizzard), Red (Prominence), Yellow (Shining).

Use the spell onto the shield of the same color and it will start to damage the barrier. When it’s broken, watch out for a heavy jumping attack. Zefa’s life will get drained, and a cut-scene will follow.

Chapter 37: Atar
Stay alive until your party members arrive, avoid the damage circles and dodge the fireballs. He will also shoot some beams and lightning powers. When your party members are here, cast forest by Manamia and then Wind. It will drop the Atar on the ground, attack.

When you have learnt about summoning Mitra, always command her to do it when Atar is on the ground and make sure that you cover Mitra. When Atar has lost its wings, you can attack it until it dies.

Chapter 38: Jirall
Hide behind the rail after you dodge his jumping attack and the slash! A counter will do a good amount of damage. The cut-scene sequence is

  • First Sequence: Up, down and left.
  • Second Sequence: Up, down and up.
  • Final Sequence: Up, and left.

Chapter 39: Last Cocoon
Don’t go anyway near to the Cocoon and stay back, it will drain the health of your partners and when its health bar is full, a cut-scene will play.

The 2nd time he comes and stops attacking your party members, you can attack him, but he’ll be blazingly fast in dodging your attacks. Counter the projectiles which he throws or attacks him when he’s climbing the pillars.

When it transforms into the third state, you can only kill him by dropping the sword which is in the room with many pillars. It’s above the altar, get the Cocoon beneath it and use your arrows to drop it on him. This won’t kill him but then you can ride it and finish it.

As the battle starts, head to the broken golem on the opposite side and interact with it so as to enlist its help for fighting the Berith.

Break Berith’s barrier using the Fast Crossbow. Avoid the red arrow swords, or guard against them in order to avoid getting stunned

Chapter 40: Zepha
Same as before, what you have to fight now is Gurg warrior instead of his brother. Zefa will cast a strong spell after you’ve broken the barriers; stay close the Manamia so you don’t die. When he puts on a magic barrier, use Manamia’s forest.

Later, another barrier will be put on, and you won’t be able to break it. Yuri’s will come after a time and break it with fire magic. Now you can cast reverse to counter damage circles and repeat.

Chapter 40: Zesha
It’s hard to fight Zesha when you’re with three members only. Try to sneak up from behind and then attack. Don’t try combo attacks and watch out for his jumping slash. When Jackal and Seiren join the party, you can simply attack him when his guard is down.

He won’t die, and a couple of more enemies will join in. You will be told to leave and head on to the main objective, the easier way. If you wish, you can still try to take out Zesha, which is VERY DIFFICULT.

Chapter 40: Zangurak Round 1
Try not to attack Zangurak from the front, almost all the attacks will be blocked, and the counter may knock you over the platform.

You will have to run beside him and attack after his large swing, this will damage him. Alternative is to block his combos and counter attack.

Try not to get caught, he will slam you and result in massive damage. Repeat the process and he’ll pass away.

Chapter 40: Zangurak Round 2
When Elza tells that he can’t break up the shield, move towards the blue door so your party comes in. The only way to damage the shield is to dodge the Zanlance he throws and then throw it back towards the shield, repeat.

You can also try to throw the Prank bananas. When his guard is off, grab his weapon and attack until the health reaches to critical. Use Kanan’s Tension Arte and protect the party; let him throw a lance as it’s the only way to finish him.

Chapter 40: Dagran
Easy, attack and avoid his grabbing attacks. Make sure a healer is next to you and alive.

Chapter 40: Dagran (Monster)
The human will transform into a monster. A more powerful and a deadly enemy equipped with a giant sword. You cannot attack him until his barrier is there, in the mean-while, he’ll throw fireballs and Guard Break attacks.

You cannot attack him until a cut-scene is played. When Yuri can use a Big Bang, cast it on the barrier to break it. A good way to let them do their work is to attract Dagran by gathering. When the guard is off, you can let the Yuri’s charge up again and attack with another one.

When his health is below 50%, he’ll start to use his sword. Attack until his health finishes, and when it does you’ll have another form.

Chapter 40: Dagran (Largest Form)
Dagran is very powerful in this shape. He does not use his sword and slaps the party members. Two of his slaps are enough to floor the members; he will then slam you.

Shake the control stick to dodge his slamming attack. Failing to dodge the attack will result in 99999 of damage. He has a laser attack too. It’s damn powerful as well.

You will have to climb the blocks in the area (they will keep on re-spawning) and get high enough that you reach Dagran’s head. Now do a Dunk Slash to damage him and repeat until his health is 0 and a cut-scene is played.

Epilogue: Tasha
Tasha can use Dunk Slash and Slash; everything else is pretty much the same as Master Trista so you can use the same strategies. The best way to damage him is via counter attacks.

Chapter 42: Gold Spider
The spider has spit webbing, body slams. He will eat the floored and webbed party members; you will only have Elza and Kanan though. At a point, the spider will eat Kanan, and Elza will get worried, Kanan will say that she’ll use magic from the inside, and you can attack from the outside to set her free.

Elza may get eaten as well. You can swing from the inside and keep yourself healing as your health will keep on decreasing because you’re swallowed. A bunch of lizards will join at the end of the fight, kill them all and continue attacking the spider. A good way is to get Elza swallowed and attack from the inside.

Chapter 44: Mad Kraken
The Mad Kraken is similar to the ordinary kraken, but its color is pink. As the old one, cut off its tentacles and then aim for the head.

These tentacles can now give you the sticky (betobet) effect as well. The Kraken is strong and will deal a lot of damage to you if you get any closer.

He will cast black magic circles, which shoot deadly spikes so be careful. Use Yuri’s Meteo as Kraken is vulnerable to fire and also cast magic circles. Dodge his attacks and repeat the process.

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