The Last Of Us Remake Looks To Be Undergoing Internal Testing

The Last of Us remake appears to be nearing completion, suggesting that an upcoming holiday release could well be in the cards.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, content creator Joanastic pointed out the LinkedIn profile of a quality assurance tester named Corey Hong who has been working at Naughty Dog for a few years now, specifically on the Last of Us franchise.

The updated profile mentions Hong to be currently involved in the “quality assurance testing and development support” for an “unannounced remake project” that many are taking to be The Last of Us remake.

The Last of Us remake reportedly entered development as soon as The Last Of Us Part 2 was released in 2020. The project was initially being helmed at the San Diego-based Visual and Arts Service Group of PlayStation before being handed over to Naughty Dog last year.

For the past month now; character animator Robert Morrison, who works at PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, has been teasing PlayStation 5 to receive “some bangers” in 2022. He previously worked on God of War but is currently not involved in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok sequel “but something equally cool” that was picked up by fans to be The Last of Us remake.

Various sources have already claimed the remake to exist with more claiming the remake to be nearing completion. If that is indeed the case, fans can expect Sony Interactive Entertainment to make an official announcement in the coming months.

The Last of Us remake, at least for now, could possibly be released for PlayStation 5 during the 2022 holiday window.

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