The Last Of Us Part 3 Already Has An “Outline For A Story”

It appears that The Last of Us Part 3 will eventually find itself in the active pipelines of developer Naughty Dog somewhere down the road.

Whils appearing on the Script Apart podcast to share his thoughts on the future of The Last of Us franchise, co-president and director Neil Druckmann revealed (via IGN) that he actually wrote an “outline for a story” for a potential sequel with co-writer Halley Gross after the release of The Last of Us Part 2.

Druckmann added that while Naughty Dog is not working on The Last of Us Part 3, he hopes that the project “can see the light of day” in the future. He further noted that a third sequel would possibly explore “a little bit of what happens after” the events of The Last of Us Part 2.

“We’ve now had two games that I feel speak to something universal as well as telling a very personal story for these characters. With one game, there’s no pattern of what a franchise is,” he said. “With two games, now there’s starting to be a pattern–now I feel like there are some structural and thematic themes you’d have to stick to if you’re making a third game.”

That being said, fans should not raise their hopes. Druckmann confirmed that there has been “quite a bit” of chatter at Naughty Dog but for a game like The Last of Us Part 3, the developer will most likely take “a long time to explore different ideas.” Hence, there is no guarantee if Naughty Dog even returns to the franchise or decides to pick up another project in-between.

The first Last of Us game sold more than 20 million copies between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The second Last of Us entry made a record for selling more than 4 million copies on PlayStation 4 in just three days of release. HBO has even taken up the franchise for a live-adaptation television series which begins filming in the coming months.

Suffice to say, The Last of Us Part 3 will always become a reality in the future.

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