The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Walkthrough

This The Last of Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3 walkthrough will guide you through this chapter in TLOU 2’s compelling story. We will give you useful pointers and strategies that you can use to navigate through any difficulties you might face.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3

Path to The Marina

Go down the stairs with Yara. When the stairs down will be blocked. On your side, you can find an elevator, jump on the elevator, and move down.

Run after Yara and pass the subway. When Yara stops, run left go down to the water, and keep walking until you reach the end of the road.

Now again start following Yara until you pass the sewage pipe before going back to the other side.


Follow to where the bullets were fired. You’ll come to cross a ladder and you need to climb it, as Yara decides to stay down.

Continue on your way and head to the spot from which the bullets were fired.

Here you will meet Manny. He will tell you that there’s a sniper in the area. You need to watch out for sniper shots and move quickly between vehicles to avoid getting hit.

You will get to the truck, under which you can crawl. Crawl under it and then you can dive underwater.

This will get you close to a building where you can hide. However, before you hide, pull out the crate and push it all the way to the door in order to use it as a cover.

Once you get to the underground garage, the sniper will shoot the cars that are close to you to lure some infected monsters towards your area.

Eliminate enemies with firearms. Go full rampage as there is no time for silent eliminations and you’ll get overrun if you try to do so.

Run towards the next cars and fight the mutants. Also, defeat a Shambler which you will come across later. Stick to the cars so the shooter can’t track you down and get through the mutants to get higher.

You’ll finally reach the building where the sniper is located. Together with Manny, run towards the sniper, occasionally hiding behind obstacles.

Reach the white door. When you reach the door and as you break them down, Manny will be shot by the sniper.

You will be left alone with your opponent. Sneak up to the open door and then watch the cutscene with Tommy.

Road of village

Follow Yara she will be your guide and you can explore other parts of the island. Push the car under the window so you can jump into the building.

You will come across a Seraphite settlement full of enemies.

There are plenty of armed opponents in the area. You’re in enemy territory, so there are dozens of enemies here.

Also, all enemies are well-armed. You should sneak and go with silent executions, as all-out combat will get you killed.

If you get detected, all you have to do is hide in another building, etc.

There are plenty of cover points in the area. Despite that, it’s a good idea to remain silent.

You have to run down the forest path. At some point you’ll hear that two Seraphites are running around, leave them alone, it’s not worth betraying your position.

Once you get to the gate, Yara will find out that a direct attack is suicide. Approach the fence, jump over it and follow the road to the next point with the enemies. You will have to wipe out some Seraphites again.

There are a lot of enemies that are patrolling the surrounding area and buildings. It’s best to kill a few of them in the field and move to a building from where you can kill a few more enemies.

After all, follow Yara. After a short walk, you will reach Yara and Lev’s family home. After the cutscene, you’ll have to escape the island.

Escape on foot

The first stage of this sequence is to follow Yara and Lev. Your companions will guide you to avoid the forces of Seraphites and Wolves. Unfortunately, as a result of tragic events, you will come across Isaac and face a direct confrontation.

After a cutscene, you will end up in a small storage room. Restore your strength and create bombs and rifle ammunition.

As a result of recent events, Abby is considered as a traitor and the Wolves will attack her on sight. You have to fight your former comrades.

Kill them with bombs and firearms. You can try to be sneaky, but it is very hard to stay hidden and undetected here.

You don’t have to kill all your opponents. All you have to do is get to the door without being detected. You and Lev will escape from the area.

Climb the ladder with Lev and keep going. After a short time, you will see a glow of the fire. The Wolves have launched an attack on the Seraphites. You can use it to sneak behind the back of a faction and eliminate enemies one by one.

Like before, you don’t have to kill everyone. You just have to reach the building and jump out through the window to get to your horse. Mount it and start the escape sequences from the island.

Running away on a horse

Ride ahead and avoid obstacles and enemies. Some enemies will be so close that you can aim at them and kill them. Hunt mainly for riders who might pose a threat.

Shoot at the riders and ride through the burning village. Do not waste time or divert your attention killing foes that are far and do not pose a threat.

Unfortunately, at some point, you will be knocked off your mount.

The Final Part of Escape

Run towards the coast. Along the way, you will encounter individual duels between the Wolves and Seraphites.

Try not to engage in combat all the time, rather pass them by and only kill enemies that may attack you.

Engaging will deplete your resources, and you will have a high chance of being ganged upon.

Enter a burning building. Cross through the wooden beam, then jump to the floor below. Jump down to the ground and help Lev pick up the boards.

Pick up the sickle and save Lev from the executioner at the last minute. The enemy will throw himself into battle – unfortunately, you don’t have a firearm. You will have to perform a lot of dodges and use a melee weapon.

You will also have to complete a quick time event sequence, so keep a close eye on the pop-up buttons at the end of the duel.

After you win the battle, run after Lev – you don’t have a gun, so just run straight to the boat.

Return to The Aquarium

Run to The Aquarium and go inside. You’ll soon realize that something is wrong. Go to the main hall and Abby will witness what you’ve already seen as Ellie.

Theatre entrance

Go to the right of the entrance. You’ll find a slightly lowered ladder help Lev to climb it. Then jump up. First, go to the radio room, then go down the stairs. After that, you will come across Tommy.

Duel with Ellie

Ellie will escape to the back of the theatre by running away behind the curtain. Run after the girl, and you’ll have to confront her after a cutscene. First, get away from Ellie by hiding behind a crate.

Go left and quietly sneak out of the area. You can use your sense to track down enemies in order to find out Ellie’s position. You need to get close enough to attack her in melee combat.

After the first fight, you will fall to a lower level. Quickly escape from the shotgun blast, step back, and go inside the room. You need to move away from Ellie one more time.

Be quiet, sneak around, and don’t walk into noise-generating objects and items. Get closer to Ellie, for example, you can use the bottle to lure her into another corner of the room and sneak behind her back.

After the second fight, Ellie will escape. You’ll have to do it all over again. However, this time Ellie will be much more careful. Instead of attacking you directly, she’ll be using Molotov cocktails.

The girl will keep her distance and you have to approach her slowly. Sneak around and wait for the right moment.

After you reach to Ellie for the third time, you’ll watch a drastic scene to mark the end of The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3.

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