The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Walkthrough

This The Last of Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3 walkthrough will guide you through this chapter in TLOU...

This The Last of Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3 walkthrough will guide you through this chapter in TLOU 2’s compelling story. We will give you useful pointers and strategies that you can use to navigate through any difficulties you might face.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3

From the starting point, go up the stairs behind you and grab the Kansas Coin from the floor. Then, go back to the starting point and head down the staircase in front of you. Go all the way down until you reach the blockade. Once there, look to your side, and you’ll see a platform below you.

Drop down to the platform and use it to safely reach the ground. Yara will now start leading the way.

She will lead you to a train. Before you go inside the train, grab the melee weapon and Louisiana Coin from the bucket on the right side of the ramp.

Get inside the train and grab all the supplies that you can. There will be a fence blocking the path ahead of this train, so drop down into the water to your left.

Follow Yara’s lead, and she’ll take you to a tunnel. Go through the tunnel, and once you’re out on the other side, grab The Marina Note from the counter of the stand up ahead. Then, climb up the ladder to get to the area above.

You’ll see a door in front of you. Hop over the door and meet up with Manny. He will notify you that a sniper is in this area, and you’ll subsequently start getting shot at.

The Sniper

To avoid getting killed by the sniper, you need to run for the underground garage up ahead. If you run straight towards it, you’ll get shot; so you need to move strategically.

Use the cars in your path as covers as you travel towards the garage. Once you reach the big truck, crouch under it and dive into the water from there.

Once you’re near the garage, pull the cart out of the truck and use it as a makeshift cover to safely get inside the garage.

Before you continue forward, grab all of the supplies that you can from this garage. Even though you’re somewhat safe now, the sniper isn’t done with you. They will shoot at the cars near you to draw the infected towards your location.

This means that you cannot traverse through the garage with stealth. Not only will you now have to fight the zombies, but you will also have to stay in cover while doing so as they sniper can still see you.

You’ll have to fight all kinds of enemies here, including a Shambler and Clickers. You’ll need to use powerful weaponry to make it through here alive.

You need to travel towards the building where the sniper is located while fighting through the monsters and using the cars as cover. Once you’re at the building, Manny will tell you to go through the white door instead of the main door.

As you and Manny try to open this door, Manny will, unfortunately, get shot by the sniper. After this happens, it’ll just be you and the sniper. Run towards the open door, and a cutscene will play, which will lead you into the next part of Seattle Day 3.

The Island

After the cutscene ends, start following Yara. She will lead you up a ladder. After climbing up the ladder, loot the truck to your left to get the “Identify Counter and Destroy” Training Manual and the Idaho Coin.

Continue following Yara. You’ll find the corpse of a soldier by the road. Grab the WLF Scout Journal off the corpse before moving forward.

After jumping over the blockade, go up to the car on your left and grab the North Carolina Coin from the book lying on the ground next to it.

Yara will take you to a Seraphite settlement. Go inside the first room on your left and grab all of the loot from there. You’ll find an artifact called the Venison Distribution Note on the table.

After looting this room, Yara will take you to a shed. To get inside, use the card to climb up to the window. From this shed, you’ll be able to see all of the enemies in the area.

Since there are so many enemies, stealth is the best way to take them down. Try to perform stealth takedowns on as many of them as you can before you get noticed.

After clearing the area, go up to the sheds that are illuminated and grab the Young Seraphite’s Journal artifact from the first shed. After that, go into the shed opposite this one and grab the Mournful Prayer Note artifact.

You can then continue following Yara. She will take you into the forest. As you’re traversing through the woods, you’ll eavesdrop on two Seraphites. Instead of fighting them, simply ignore them and move on.

You will end up in another Seraphite settlement. You can clear this settlement in the same way you cleared the previous one.

Once the area is clear, go into Yara’s house, and you’ll find Lev. A cutscene will then play, which will lead into the next part of Seattle Day 3.

The Escape

After the cutscene, continue following Yara. She’ll lead you into a store that you can loot for supplies. After exiting the store, pick up the Arkansas Coin from the shopping cart to the left.

Keep following Yara and loot whatever you can as you do. A cutscene will eventually be triggered where you’ll get ambushed by WLF soldiers. Once the cutscene is over, you’ll go into a storage room.

Go to the upper level of the room and exit through the window. From there, you’ll have to go through the warehouse up ahead, but it’ll be full of WLF soldiers.

Dive into the water and swim towards the bar. From there, go towards the exit gate to the left. This door will take some time to open up, so be prepared.

After exiting the warehouse, start following Lev. He will lead you to a ladder. Go up the ladder and go through the window of the building to your right. You’ll see a fire in the distance.

The fire is caused by an attack launched by the Wolves on the Seraphites. Start heading towards the flames, and you’ll see a bunch of Wolves and Seraphites killing each other.

Instead of getting involved, try to run towards the restaurant up ahead without being noticed. Get inside the restaurant and go through the window.

Mount the horse and go straight forward as fast as you can. After dismounting the horse, follow Lev.

He will take you towards the docks. When you go inside the burning building, use the planks to get to the exit on the other side.

You’ll get attacked by a man with an axe. Wait for him to swing with his axe and then punish his attack. Keep doing this until he goes down.

Swim through the water until you reach the boat. Hop on the boat, and a cutscene will be triggered.

You’ll end up back at the aquarium. Go inside the building and go through the door with the crab painted on it, and another cutscene will play, which will lead you into the final part of Seattle Day 3.

The Confrontation

Go up to the ladder located adjacent to the entrance. After getting Lev up there, climb up the ladder and then open up the window.

Go into the room ahead and take a look at the photos lying on the table. After listening to the radio, exit the room and go down the stairs to your right.

A cutscene will then play where you’ll encounter Ellie. She will start running away after the cutscene.

When you start chasing her, she will run into the backstage area. When you go backstage, another cutscene will play, where you’ll get in a fight with Ellie.

Fight with Ellie

Once you’re in control, hold, crouch, and maneuver behind the boxes so Ellie can’t see you. Sneak up behind her and strike at her from the back.

After you and Ellie fall through the floor, you’ll need to dodge immediately, or Ellie will blow your head off with her shotgun.

Start crouching again and maneuver behind the objects in the same way. Note that there are Trap Mines in this area, so keep an ear out for them as you sneak around.

Grab the bottle from the shelf and throw it at Ellie from the back. You can then run-up to her and start beating on her.

When Ellie gets away from you again, continue crouching and sneak attack her again. When you finally take her down, a cutscene will play, marking the end of The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8 Seattle Day 3.

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