The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles Guide

Our The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to find every item

Our The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles guide will walk you through all the necessary steps that you have to take to get your hands on each and every single one of the collectible available in this Chapter.

Besides the compelling storyline of The Last of Us 2, there are other aspects of the game that you can explore and take benefit of; one of them is acquiring collectibles. We have listed the location of all collectibles in Chapter 8 of TLOU 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 8: Seattle Day 3 Collectibles

These collectibles in Chapter 8 of The Last of Us 2 are comprised of coins, artefacts and workbench locations. Read below for the detailed location of each TLoU 2 Chapter 8 collectible.

However, keep in mind that these Seattle Day 3 collectible locations might also contain story spoilers from The Last of Us Part 2.

The Marina

In this stage, you will play as Abby and team up with Yara to find Levi. There are a total of 3 collectibles – 2 Coins and 1 Artefact. Below we have listed the locations of these collectibles.

Coin #1 – Kansas
Head up the stairs from the spawn area to the podium and you’ll find Kansas lying on the ground near the railing.

Coin #2 – Louisiana
Head to the Lenora St. Station and search the area on the platform behind the blue railing. You’ll find this coin on the ground near the trash bin.

Artefact – Marina Note
When you’ve helped Yara over the rails in the Marina, you’ll see a ladder ahead. Ignore it and proceed past it. You will find Marina Note on the counter of the empty fish bar behind the ladder.

The Island Collectibles

Continuing your pursuit of Levi, you will arrive on the Island with Yara by your side where you will find a total of 8 collectibles to retrieve – 4 Artefacts, 3 Coins and 1 Workbench. Below we have listed their locations in the chronological order.

Coin #1 – Idaho
After climbing up the ladder in the very beginning of this stage, you will come across an open truck to your left. Comb the open trailer of this truck. You’ll find this coin next to the wooden chest.

Artefact #1 – WLF Scout Journal
Once you’re done with the finding the Idaho coin, you’ll reach a place where you will come across a hanging corpse. On the ground, you will see another dead body. Inspect it to find this Artefact.

Coin #2 – North Carolina
Once you’ve passed the vantage point, overlooking the village of cultists, look around for a demolished car with an open door near some rapids. You’ll find this Coin over an open book on the ground beneath the open door of this car.

Artefact #2 – Mutiny Venison Distribution Note
When you’ve reached the barn on the outskirts of cultists village, search it thoroughly. You’ll find the Artefact on a large wooden table.

Artefact #3 – Young Seraphite’s Journal
As you proceed forward, you’ll come across another barn. The Artefact can be found on the bed to the left of its entrance.

It can be found in the same barn where you found the Artefact#3.

Artefact #4 – Mournful Prayer Note
Once you’ve found the Artefact#3 and the Workbench, get out of that barn and Make your way to the other nearby barn. You’ll find this Artefact pinned to the right wall.

Coin #3 – Montana
When you’re done with your first battle with the Scars on the Island, head to the barn on your left, take the ladder and climb up to its second floor. You’ll find this Coin on the crate covered with sacks.

The Escape

Now that you have found Levi, you, Yara and Levi will try to escape the Scar’s Island. There are a couple of collectibles to retrieve during this escape attempt – 1 Coin and 1 Workbench.

Coin #1 – Arkansas
As you undertake this journey of escape, you’ll come across a truck. Towards the left of this truck, you’ll find the Coin in the bushed near the abandoned shopping cart.

During the latter part of this mission, you will come across a building that will have a small shutter entrance. The Workbench is to the wall opposite this entrance.

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