Where To Find El Diablo In The Last Of Us Part 1

El Diablo is the best pistol you can find in The Last of Us Part 1. The powerful handgun can take out most targets with just a couple of shots or less—depending on your aim.

There is one caveat for you to know though. El Diablo needs to reload after every single fire. This can be improved with upgrades later on but even without a larger clip capacity, the pistol easily does more damage in a single shot than most of the weapons in the game.

The following guide will show you where to find El Diablo in The Last of Us Part 1.

Where To Find El Diablo

You will have a couple of opportunities to find El Diablo in the game during the seventh, Tommy’s Dam chapter.

When you reach the Hydroelectric Power Plant, do not go inside straight away. Instead, loot the corpse near an abandoned car on the outside to pick up El Diablo.

If you miss looting the corpse, you can also pick up another El Diablo inside the small shack beside the entrance gate to the Power Plant.

Lastly, you can find another El Diablo at Tommy and Maria’s quarantine zone near the workbench.

How To Use El Diablo

El Diablo is similar to the Hunting Rifle when it comes to dealing maximum armor-piercing damage. You can use an El Diablo to two-shot a Bloater which has an incredibly tough stage-four infected skin.

In addition to its small clip capacity, you should be aware that its ammo is rare to find in the game. Hence, do not waste your shots on enemies you can take out other ways. Save your El Diablo ammo for the toughest enemies in The Last of Us Part 1.

There are a bunch of upgrades available for the El Diablo which can make it even stronger than it already is. They are as follows.

Reload Speed
Level 1: 15x Parts, 1x Tool
Level 2: 25x Parts, 5x Tools

Fire Rate
Level 1: 20x Parts, 4x Tools
Level 2: 30x Parts, 4x Tools
Level 3: 50x Parts, 5x Tools

Clip Capacity
Level 1: 30x Parts, 4x Tools
Level 2: 50x Parts, 5x Tools

Armor Piercing
Level 1: 75x Parts, 4x Tools
Level 2: 75x Parts, 5x Tools

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