The Last of Us: Left Behind Artifacts Locations Guide

Where to find all the The Last of Us: Left Behind Artifacts to achieve 100% completion in the newly released DLC for the game.

The Last of Us
The newly released DLC for The Last of Us offers different collectibles such as Artifacts and Optional Conversations. These collectibles do not hold any significant value other than 100% game completion statistics and Trophies tied to them.

The Last of Us: Left Behind Artifacts Locations

There are a total of 14 Artifacts scattered around the six chapters of the DLC. Read below to find out the location for each of them:

Chapter #1

Artifact #1 – Combination Note
Location: The first Arifact is unmissable! You need to get inside the pharmacy and look for it behind the cash counter.

Artifact #2 – Pharmacist Key
Location: This Artifact is also unmissable!

Artifact #3 – Pharmacist Note
Location: Once you have received the key, get near the pharmacist and it will be lying on the floor.

Artifact #4 – Salon Note
Location: After you have used a key, you will come across a dead body in the snowy section. Look around the body and you will obtain the last Artifact of this chapter.

Chapter #2

Artifact #5 – Wanted Poster
Location: You need to pick it up before it begins to rain. Before you head into climbing, look for it on the large table.

Artifact #6 – Warning Note
Location: Once you are done with the Brickmaster Sequence, descend the stairway and take the first door on your left; while in the alleyway. It will be lying on a table, right next to a typewriter.

Chapter #3

Artifact #7 – Atrium Note
Location: Just as this chapter begins, head to the North-East corner of the screen and it will be in plain sight.

Artifact #8 – Generator Note
Location: Get near the generator and you will see two buckets aligned on top of each other. On top of these buckets will be this Artifact.

Artifact #9 – Atrium Recorder
Location: After ascending through the escalators, do not go to your right to the helicopter. Instead, turn left and collect the Artifact from inside of a small tent.

Artifact #10 – Medical Supplies
Location: This Artifact is unmissable!

Chapter #4

Artifact #11 – No Pun Intended: Volume Two
Location: This Artifact is unmissable!

Artifact #12 – Kitchen Note
Location: Once you are done with the Photo Booth sequence, make your way to the escalator and turn to your left to head to the kitchen. While in the kitchen, search the tables for the last Artifact of this chapter.

Chapter #5

Artifact #13 – Crew Photo
Location: Before you jump off the barrier to move to the next section, make sure to explore the area on your left and collect the Artifact.

Artifact #14 – Duct Recorder
Location: While crouching, all you need to do is to follow the blood on the floor and it will lead you straight to a dead body containing the last Artifact of the game.

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