The Last Of Us 2 Teaser Is Coming To Playstation’s State Of Play September 24

A new The Last Of Us 2 teaser is apparently coming to Playstation’s State of Play event on September 24, likely meaning that the game is finally almost ready to get an official release date. The game has been the subject of a large amount of speculation over the past few years.

Despite an appearance at E3 2018, the game didn’t appear at E3 2019 on account of Playstation not having a show this year and thus leaving many players without an update on some of the company’s most-anticipated games, Last Of Us 2 among them.

The game will be following an older Ellie as she goes along on her own journey across the remnants of a post-apocalyptic America, dealing with what appears to be some kind of cult. That, however, is all that we’ve really been able to gather from the various trailers and videos we’ve gotten.

Whether Joel will be coming along this time around remains to be seen, Naughty Dog is teasing us with tweets of various objects that appear to be from the game, such as a broken watch, a switchblade, and a bracelet.

Hopefully, what we see in the Last Of Us 2 teaser that’s going to be at the Playstation State of Play event will finally give us some idea of what the game is going to be about. We can also likely expect it to be just as bloody and visceral as the game’s previous trailers have been.

However it happens, State of Play will be starting tomorrow, and the Last Of Us 2 teaser will be playing at 1 PM Pacific Time, so if you were a fan of the original game and have been eagerly awaiting more details, you’ll have to tune in at that time to see it.

In the meantime, we can expect The Last Of Us 2 to be releasing hopefully sometime either late this year or early next year exclusively on the Playstation 4.