The Last of Us 2 Survivor Mode Will Punish You For Everything

Early reviewers for The Last of Us Part II are beginning to share their opinion and everyone is getting jealous. One reviewer has already finished The Last of Us 2 on Survivor mode and shared his “no-spoiler” experience. Congrats on that! According to him, playing the game will make you feel guilty on more levels than just making wrong decisions.

Playing The Last of Us 2 Survivor Mode is no kids’ play. You can expect massive amounts of stealth and planning before attempting to battle with anyone or anything.  Adam Mathew, the reviewer in discussion confirms that Survivor mode in The Last of Us 2 hands you only the bare minimum in terms of ammunition and craft materials. This means that you’ll have to micromanage your resources. A missed shot can easily cost you the level completion.

Even when engaging in battle, you’ll need to carefully plan whether you’ll shoot an arrow, stealthy kill or butcher the enemy ahead of you. The enemy AI in the game is made in such a way that it will punish a simple misstep.

According to Mathew, enemies will sometime look behind them in a manner we don’t see often in action games or peak under vehicles. You’ll have to make sure that you don’t get trapped in such situations.

What’s interesting is the fact that everything you do punish you emotionally too. As the reviewer states, enemies will often mourn the deceased and will call out their names frequently, making you feel guilty.

This happens with dogs too so we’re in for a big heart burden. In addition, the amount of violence is super high in The Last of Us Part II, which Mathew correlates to Manhunt. When Manhunt gets on the table, you know that things will get rough.

For the time being, Survivor mode is the highest level of difficulty in The Last of Us 2. There will be a Grounded mode which will be added after its launch, so hardcore players will be able to crank things up even more.

It’s only a few days before June 12th where the embargo for The Last of Us 2 ends. At that point, we’ll know more about what Naughty Dog has achieved with it.

For the time being, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Naughty Dog has everyone that played the game stay tight-lipped. The game officially launches on PlayStation 4 on June 19th. We’ll be crossing out days on our calendars until then.

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