The Last of Us 2 Release Date Reportedly Pushed Back

An infuriating rumor surfaced today, one that wants The Last of Us 2 release date to be getting a delay to Spring 2020. While the delay isn’t that big, it will cause an uproar upon announcement, since fans have been waiting for the Last of Us sequel for 6 years now.

The rumor comes from Kotaku, to which a source reached out and delivered the sad news about the delay. The source claims that Sony will announce the news that The Last of Us 2 will release a month after the original release date. Kotaku has reached out to Sony for comment but got no response in return.

It’s true that getting such news isn’t the brightest moment of the day. However, Naughty Dog isn’t a studio that wants to underdeliver. If somewhere during development something went sideways, the studio would want to take the extra time and address it than rush the product as is.

Seeing how important The Last of Us 2 is for Sony, the decision for the change of its release date wouldn’t be made cold-hearted. The company depends a lot on its success since its predecessor is considered one of the best exclusive titles Sony ever released.

Naughty Dog claims that the sequel for The Last of Us is their most ambitious project yet, saying that they want it to “be massive”.

We can’t deny that the first title paid close attention to the detail, something we take for granted for the sequel too. With that being said, it makes total sense for them to take a step back and take advantage of one more month of development.

Closing up the story, let us remind you that as we speak, this is nothing more than a rumor. Take the news with a grain of salt and don’t start wishing your TLOU February goodbyes. You still have time to replay the first title, relive all the greatest moments in the meantime.

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