The Last Of Us 2 Poster Has A Hideen Image And Speculations Are Running Wild

Naughty Dog recently rolled out a new The Last Of Us 2 poster for the 4th annual Outbreak day celebration. The poster was released along with some game-themed merchandise, however, there is more to the poster that meets the eye and has been a subject of discussion among The Last Of Us fan base which is hardly surprising.

According to the fans, there is a hidden image in The Last Of Us 2 poster. The Last Of US 2 poster, which you can see below, showcases a strong arm wielding a hammer and there are rusted cars in the background and one car is on fire.

If you look closely, there is a hidden wolf that can be seen in the fire. The fire makes up the wolf’s ears and the car on fire, is the face of the wolf and the eyes can be seen parallel with the word “The”. The Last Of Us 2 poster has been the center of speculation among the fans following the discovery of the hidden image.

According to one speculation, the arm in the poster is Joel’s and the hidden Wolf in the poster represents Joel’s attitude in the upcoming title. Now according to the theory, a Wolf represents a predator, trickery or deceit and it goes one to speculate that Joel might be an antagonist in The Last Of US 2.

Now, if we take this speculation seriously then turning Joel into an antagonist might be very difficult in terms of Joel being a fan favorite character. Also, seeing Joel as an antagonist doesn’t feel right since we have seen him become the father figure to Ellie and he slaughtered Fireflies to protect her and took away the chance of finding the cure.

However, the theory further suggests that the Wolf might stand for a Lone Wolf like Joel has been separated from Ellie and he is surviving the wilds alone for some reason or possibly Ellie has gone somewhere and Joel is tracking her down.

Another speculation about the hidden Wolf in The Last Of Us 2 poster is that the Wolf represents a Pack mentality like Wolves stay in a pack and protect each other. The theory suggests that Joel and Ellie have met more survivors and have formed a group to survive and Joel has become the leader of the group.

This would mean that there will be a lot of new characters introduced in The Last of Us 2 and if the first game is any indication then we might see a proper character development for all of them.

However, these are just theories for now and until the game comes out we can only speculate so, take these speculations as a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on these speculations? Let us know in the comments.

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