The Last Of Us 2 Will Have Multiplayer, Factions Is Coming Back

E3 was a dream come true when we saw the first gameplay trailer of The Last Of Us 2 and everyone has been going crazy about the game even more than ever. The Last Of Us was based on an intense story but it also included a multiplayer portion which is going to return in the sequel of the game.

Except for the hours long and super addictive story, The Last Of Us has a multiplayer mode called Factions which was a big hit and I personally still play it along with my friends.

Everyone who played faction was worried about whether The Last Of Us 2 will include the factions or online multiplayer at all but thanks to Gamespot who has confirmed that it will be indeed present in the sequel.

Speaking to Gamespot, co-director Anthony Newman said that “Factions is coming back” and fellow co-director Kurt Margenau continued by saying that the ”Multiplayer is coming back”.

There wasn’t much revealed other than that but it has been confirmed that multiplayer will be present in the game along with Factions so you can keep enjoying the elements of the game online after you are done with its addictive and emotional single-player campaign.

Hopefully, we will know more about the game in the upcoming days along with the official release date of the game. A recent leak pointed out to this year release window but Sony made no mention of it.

The Last Of Us 2 gameplay shown at E3 2018 was intense and it showed us why men should be terrified of Ellie. The trailer showed some intense combat scenes in the game while staying in stealth.

We also saw Ellie crawling under a bus and one scene showed Ellie grab a bottle while running and toss it at her pursuer which was really badass.

Are you excited to play Factions in The Last Of Us 2? Do you want more game modes added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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