The Last of Us 2 AI Creates The Perfect Comrade

Digital Foundry comments on The Last of Us 2 AI, stating that friendly NPC are now much more realistic, assisting the player and not standing in the way.

Now that reviewers have their hands on Naughty Dog’s upcoming title, it’s hard to miss some first impressions around the internet. In an early hands-on mini impressions video, Digital Foundry talks about The Last of Us 2 physics, graphics, gameplay, and AI. Apparently, we’ll be getting a new level of artificial intelligence NPC and enemies within the game.

We all hate it when NPCs journeying alongside your character go rogue and destroy your spotless gameplay. Although we all hope for those NPC to be somewhat helpful, most of the time they’re not. John Linneman and Rich Leadbetter from Digital Foundry talked about The Last of Us 2 AI and how it was improved to create the perfect comrade within the game. According to them, it’s difficult to have perfect stealth gameplay if you have an NPC running around and creating aggression. Luckily, Naughty Dog has improved AI physics in The Last of Us 2 by quite a bit.

Not only do friendly NPC not cause a commotion during your stealth gameplay but they do offer some clutch assists when needed. Digital Foundry explains how some times AI will save you by shooting a screamer or rushing onto the enemy trying to run you down. This will prove helpful in times of need, especially in large scale battles.

As for enemy AI in The Last of Us 2, the Digital Foundry video shows a few in-game moments that show improvement too. Enemy movement is much more realistic and relevant to what happening around them. We see enemies approach noise with more caution and zombies rush into them with greater ease than before. This might be more difficult for players to predict but much more realistic in the long run. We shall see what the outcome is when the game is finally out.

It’s only a couple of weeks before The Last of Us 2 releases on Playstation 4. The game’s release date is on June 19th while the review embargo lifts on 12th. We can’t wait to see how its review ratings shape up.

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