Violence In The Last Of Us 2 Will Create Really Engaging Moments For Players, Neil Druckmann Says

There is a huge number of fans booked for the upcoming The Last Of Us 2, that is for sure and why shouldn’t they be. Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us title has been the hot favorite, especially after seeing the gameplay trailer at E3 2018, the excitement seems to only grow. Adding to the excitement is a surety that there is going to be a lot of violence, in this upcoming game. However, according to the game’s director and Naughty Dog Vice President, Neil Druckmann, the extream violence in the game is not to service gameplay for fun but rather, to create really engaging moments.

On the violent tone that has been taken up a notch in the Last Of Us 2, the developers have shed some light. The co-writer of the game, Halley Gross said that Naughty Dog has made an attempt on this upcoming title, to be more “cyclical in its nature of violence”.

According to her, the main idea that is working behind is the “violence begets violence begets violence” notion. Furthermore adding to the violent tone in the game, she said that the violence that shall take place in Ellie’s life will grow in a form of a traumatic experience, over her.

Neil Druckmann also added to the topic saying that this is not a lame attempt of the studio, to use the violence in the Last Of US 2 to serve as a fun, rather it is there to create more engaging moments for the players.

Let us hope that is the case, that said the combat in this second installment of the game, seems to have been improved quite drastically.

The combat sequence has been completely revamped, new and better combat moves and mechanics have been added to the game.

Hopefully, when we play the game, we will not be disappointed. What are your thoughts about this upcoming game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: buzzfeed