Get Nostalgic With Latest The Last Guardian Trailer

Team ICO is well known for creating real masterpieces. Their games have always been full of meanings and art, and there’s no people on the earth that can say not to have played Shadow Of The Colossus and ICO. So if you are a Team Ico fan and a nostalgic one, you can check out latest The Last Guardian trailer, showing the journey the team have made from Ico to The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian follows the story of a young guy meeting a creature called Trico. At first they don’t get along, but they’ll understand to need each other in order to escape from the old castle they’re trapped in.

This game was announced during E3 2009 for PlayStation 3, but unfortunately it met a lot of delays due to development issues and Fumito Ueda leaving Sony. Anyway this game was re-announced during E3 2015 and it seems we’ll put our hands on it in December.

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However, no information has been shared by Team Ico concerning the gameplay, but thanks to the ESRB rating system we can tell you something more.

This game will be an action-adventure one, featuring some puzzle elements that can be solved thanks to Trico’s help. So we’ll be able to control Trico to escape from the castle, but there’s more since soldiers will attack the duo and we’ll be given the chance to strike them with lightning attacks coming from Trico’s tail.

Blood scenes will be in this game as well as cutscenes for specific actions.

Even if we have few information about it, this game looks very good and if you want to know what we think about it, you can follow SegmentNext on its official page, where we’ll share our review once it’s done.

The rest will be known with the official release of the game, coming on December 09, 2016 in the UK and Ireland, and on December 07, 2016 across Europe.