The Last Guardian Director Preparing for Future Projects

While it may have seemed unbelievable at one time, 2016 is (probably) the year we will finally get to play The Last Guardian. While we may not have seen much in the way of new footage, with no hints being given about any delays, it looks like it will actually be happening.

For now, the only news we have on the release has come from comments by Fumito Ueda the latest issue of the Famitsu magazine, which is quoted here:

“I believe that more information on The Last Guardian will be revealed as we head into its release,” shared Ueda. “Again, I also plan to advance in the preparations for what’s next.”

What is also good news is the comments on what is to come next. This means that not only are we to expect The Last Guardian, but that there are also other games coming in the future. Though we don’t know much information about this, could we hear something at E3? The chances are that we won’t, but by the end of the year we may have some hints. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What we have to focus our hopes on is The Last Guardian, and its upcoming release. Not only do we have to hope for no more delays, but also that it lives up to the hype that has been created around it. Can it truly live up to the hype surrounding it? That will be something maybe impossible to achieve at this point.

Do you expect The Last Guardian to finally release in 2016? Let us know your thoughts below.

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