The Last Guardian Developer Allegedly Teases New Sci-Fi Game

GenDesign was formed by Japanese game director and designer Fumito Ueda to finish and release The Last Guardian in late 2016. The studio, featuring former members from Team Ico, has since then been working on an unannounced project which may have just been teased.

GenDesign started off the new year by updating its official website with a new 2021 greetings card. The artwork features previous projects headed by Ueda such as The Last Guardian, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ico. The artwork however also features something new (via Twisted Voxel) which might very well be from the said in-development and unannounced game.

The particular artwork shows a character, presumed to be the protagonist, leaning against a wall of sorts. GenDesign has interestingly teased similarly new artwork in the past couple of years which are not from any released game. One such artwork from 2018 showed a mysterious girl and a giant which are common Ueda themes. A 2020 greetings card though teased some sci-fi elements which have led fans to believe that the unannounced game may be delving in that genre. Provided that the breadcrumbs are leading into the right direction, GenDesign might have been teasing its new game all this time.

GenDesign officially confirmed in September 2018 to be working on early prototypes of a new game. Epic Games then announced in March 2020 to be funding development of that the said game and that both companies will be splitting profits in half. That likely translates into GenDesign signing a fully or timed exclusive release agreement for the Epic Games Store on PC. That however does not rule out a release on current-generation consoles, particularly PlayStation 5.

It remains to be seen if GenDesign will be officially announced its new game in 2021 which appears to have been in development for at least three years now.

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