The Inpatient Collectibles Guide

The Inpatient Collectibles Guide will help you in unlocking the past and history by gathering all 21 Collectible Memories. Why do you want to find these Memories?

Once all 21 Collectible Memories has been gathered, it unlocks the Trophy ‘The Disturbing Truth’ which will reveal the history and backstory of the game.

The Inpatient Collectibles

All Memories are easily missable so be very careful and make sure you find these Memories as you progress through the game.

If any of the Memory gets left behind or skipped by any chance, you’ll have start all over again because you will have to start a new game.

The new game will wipe all of the Memories that have recently collected. Your in-game choices have no effect on the collectibles the Memories Locations remain the same.

Memories collected in The Inpatient also effects the different endings that the game offers.

Memory Locations

All Memories should be collected before going to the checkpoint. Upon reaching a checkpoint, the game autosaves. Collectibles chapters cannot be loaded again to collect the Memories so do it right the first time.

It takes almost 5 to 6 hours to complete the game due to which re-runs are not that big of a problem.

Collectibles Memories in The Inpatient are easy to find but you have to pay attention to the instructions and make sure not to skip any Memory before reaching the closest checkpoint.

Memory #1
14/01/1952 – Unmissable.

Memory #2
30/01/1952 – When you are pushed in a wheelchair for the first time entering the cell, the person tells you to stand up and walk around. You just grab the paper and turn it to unlock the Memory.

Memory #3
29/01/1952 – In the cell when Nurse arrives with the food, just touch the leaf in the window to trigger the Memory.

Memory #4
21/01/1952 – After a while, your cellmate gets angry and nurse tray will fall before she runs out of the cell. Just pick the mug to unlock this Memory.

Memory #5
20/01/1952 – When your cellmate tells you to rest and save energy, Look towards the cell door and you’ll find something glowing – this will trigger the Memory.

Memory #6
16/01/1952 – Cellmate will offer you a cockroach then you will have a conversation with your cellmate. After the talk, walk towards the calendar hanging on the right-side of the door to trigger the Memory.

Memory #7
14/01/1952 – Now leaving the room will be available. Go to the hallway where you will find a corpse on the left-side of that corpse enter the room and find the calendar on the wall on the left-side of the room.

Memory #8
14/01/1952 – Further walking down the hall, check for “William Bates” cell on the right-side of the hall where you will find a glowing object that will unlock the Memory.

Memory #9
14/01/1952 – In the same area, walk towards the Common Room where you’ll find a patient chart. By picking him up and turning around, you will be able to unlock it.

Memory #10
14/01/1952 – For this Memory, you need to take the elevator down to the ground floor. Enter the Treatment Room – behind the room, you can find a Patient Chart.

Memory #11
14/01/1952 – Exit the Treatment Room then enter a room on the left with a lot of empty beds. Find the muzzle pillow and see the Memory.

Memory #12
14/01/1952 – After a while, in the Doctor’s Office, you will find survivals. When following the nurse and going upstairs, look for a hallway on the left where you find a glowing object this will unlock the next Memory.

Memory #13
14/01/1952 – When in the courtyard with other 3 survivals, you will find a signpost by touching it you will see the Memory.

Memory #14
14/01/1952 – On entering the Church, go back to the building where you’ll find a door and stairs leading upwards. Up there find a balcony and pick up a candle glowing nearby.

Memory #15
14/01/1952 – In the Old Tunnels, beneath the church, after getting off the wheelchair, turn right and find a glowing box nearby this will unlock the Memory.

Memory #16
14/01/1952 – Under the tunnel, follow the survivors on the path and enter a room. Grab a paper on the desk to unlock this Memory.

Memory #17
14/01/1952 – Game will pause after collecting last Memory. For this Memory, look for the Cafeteria where you’ll find a bottle interact with it.

Memory #18
14/01/1952 – Almost after half a minute of the last Memory will come upstairs with other survivors. On the left, you will find dirty doctor clothes in the Laundry. Examine them to see the Memory.

Memory #19
13/01/1952 – When reaching the second floor of the elevator, get out and go towards the cable car and turn left. Look for a poster on the wall grab it before getting into the car.

Memory #20
13/01/1952 – From the previous Memory location, take the elevator back to the first floor. Get out of the elevator, on the left a glowing door will available touch it and Memory will unlock.

Memory #21
13/01/1952 – Get in the elevator and go to Floor L. After exiting the elevator, look for a butterfly painting and stare at it which will on the left.

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