New The Initiative Xbox Exclusive in Early Stages of Development

It was only last year that The Initiative joined the roster of Xbox studios and they look that they’re already making their own game. According to the latest news, the studio is currently playtesting a version of their next project. However, it looks like it’s in an early stage at this moment.

Yesterday, Drew Murray, design director at The Initiative, shared his excitement about their game playtesting phase on Twitter. There weren’t even rumors about a new Initiative game, so the news hit like bricks. The “essence” of this unannounced project though is not yet known.

The studio is currently looking for experts to join the team in various positions, giving another layer of credibility to the news. The listings include openings for Writers, artists, engineers, managers, pretty much everything that indicates a big project in the works. However, there’s no further information on the new The Initiative game there.

Note that whatever the studio is building will be huge. Microsoft has already recruited a powerful lineup for The Initiative, including Brian Westergaard, former Lead Producer for this year’s record-breaking PS4 exclusive, God of War whereas Christian Cantamessa, a former writer for the original Red Dead Redemption. Daniel Neuburger & Lindsey McQueeney from Crystal Dynamics, who have previously worked on Tomb Raider games and Annie Lohr, a recruiter at Respawn Entertainment.

To top that, Microsoft recruited another huge name last October for The Initiative. The Technical Director for Rockstar Games, Tom Shepherd. It is safe to say that Tom Shepherd has a valuable experience to boost the Microsoft game studio further. Tom has worked on titles like Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5. Additionally, he has also been a part of teams behind Max Payne 3 and Midnight Club 3. His 11 years at Rockstar would bring value to The Initiative studio.

If the news is true then we should expect a great announcement for a new The Initiative game. Whatever it might be, it seems like it’s in an early stage of development so it might not be sooner than E3 2020 that we’ll know what it really is. For what it’s worth, we’re excited to see how Xbox and Microsoft intend to gear up during the next year.

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