The Initiative Hires Former BioWare Designer For Perfect Dark?

Rumors continue cycling around The Initiative working on a Perfect Dark Remake. The reasoning behind the rumors is relatively vague but more and more studios tend to remaster their old titles. The Initiative recently hired Justin Perez, former designer for BioWare and Respawn Entertainment, making even more people assume he’ll work for Perfect Dark.

Justin Perez has huge expertise when it comes to complex games, especially tech-related ones. Back in his Bioware years, he worked as a System Designer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. After that, he moved on to Respawn Entertainment for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Both of those games are large in scale so we shouldn’t expect any less from his position in The Initiative. Especially since we know the studio is working on its next AAA title.

Phil Spencer himself has teased a return for Perfect Dark and its protagonist Joanna Dark and what better to tackle such a task than The Initiative? The studio is now one of the most expert ones under the Microsoft umbrella. Perfect Dark as a franchise is one that you either love or hate. Oldschool gamers though can appreciate its character, especially since Metal Gear Solid, the closest to a competitor it has, is in hiatus. A few weeks ago, job listings for The Initiative included keywords referring to high-tech related games like Perfect Dark, making the possibility even stronger.

Microsoft seems to be having a lot of respect for Perfect Dark with its protagonist even showing up as a ship decoration for Sea of Thieves. Is this just an easter egg? Or a hint that Joanna is not forgotten? For all we know, Microsoft and The Initiative might already be in line for an announcement for a comeback for Perfect Dark. Especially, if it’s a console seller for Xbox Series X. The console will release in about 6 months, during holidays 2020. For the time being, we’re waiting for Microsoft to make an announcement event for the console and its first-party titles.

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