The HP ZBook X2 Has The Power To Take On The Microsoft Surface Book

HP revealed its beefy convertible tablet on Adobe Max conference recently. They claim it to be the world’s most powerful detachable tablet for artists. They call it the HP ZBook X2. In comparison with Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, this is a lot cheaper and offers specialized features for artists and creative designers.

While Surface Book 2 is a powerful workstation that offers i5, i7 processors with a GTX 1060 Ti GPU incorporated, HP ZBook X2 is a tablet that can multi-task as well as provide specialized features for artists and creative drawing.

HP ZBook X2 houses a Nvidia Quadro M620 graphics card. There’s 32GB of RAM, Intel i7 7th gen processor with 4.2 GHz Turbo Boost, 2 USB Type C ports, 10 hours battery life, Thunderbolt 3 port, HDMI, USB-A and SD card slot.

There are dedicated shortcut buttons, pinch and zoom is slick smooth, the display is 14-inch 4K resolution with matte surface and offers 100% of Adobe RGB color spectrum. All of this makes the HP ZBook X2 screen a brilliant canvas.

HP’s Pen doesn’t use Bluetooth, doesn’t require charging, it uses magnetic (EMR) technology that draws power when the pen comes in contact with the surface.

hp zbook shortcuts

There’s also a full sized keyboard that comes with the tablet and snaps on securely with a magnetic connection. It takes the tablet a few seconds to sync so you have to wait before typing.

The screen is super responsive with the two-finger scroll, zoom and there are shortcut functions like Home, End, Page up, Page Down that makes multitasking easier. It also comes with a moveable stand that’s pre-installed on the tablet. Since its bulky, you might need to put it down and use it comfortably.

Compared to a Surface Book 2 its heavier in weight (1500gm vs 2080gm) but much lighter on the pocket. ($1750 US vs  $2500 US). The Surface Book 2 comes with a 256GB to 1TB SSD whereas HP Zbook X2 comes with a 2TB SSD. But since it’s designed for designers and artists. So it really depends on what your need is.

Contributor at SegmentNext.