The Gunk Tips

From the team that brought you SteamWorld Dig comes The Gunk, an action-adventure game in which you will be landing on an alien planet. In this guide, we will tell you about some of the most important tips you need to help you find your feet in the alien landscapes of The Gunk.

The Gunk Tips

The Gunk thrusts you on a strange planet that has had its ecosystem corrupted by “the gunk”. It can be pretty overwhelming to find your footing on this strange planet with this strange corruption.

That is why we’ve outlined some tips for The Gunk below to help you find your footing in this environment.

Scanning is Key

In Gunk, you have to scan each and everything to unlock new abilities. You will need to scan the flora and fauna of the strange alien world Rani is on.

To unlock all 15 abilities in The Gunk, scanning each and everything is the key. You have to learn about each resource before you suck it up.

This will help you in knowing what each item is from a story perspective. You will also get to know about the new upgrades which you do at the crafting table inside the base.

In short scan each and everything that you see in the game.

Know about Resources Categories

To Improve Rani’s skills, you will need to know about what things you have and what you will need for upgrading. There are four different categories of the resources you are going to find in the game: Organic, Fiber, Alien and Metal

You can find these resources throughout the game. The Workbench UI doesn’t mention them but knowing about them is a good way to understand what exactly you need to progress.

Get Super Speed by combining 2-speed boosting abilities

You can boost the speed of Rani quite early in the game. You will need to unlock the ability to sprint in the first upgrades you choose so you can move a little quicker in the game.

After that, you can unlock an ability that will give a temporary speed boost once you suck up some of the game’s gunk.

Get back to Base

You are not going to get any breaks in the game so you have to make your own breaks. You are not forced in the game to move back to your base often but you should do it yourself.

What we recommend is you should visit the base whenever you unlock one of the seven fast travel locations in the game. You have to plant a beacon in the designated area for traveling back and forth quickly.

So, whenever you unlock a fast travel spot get back to the base for spending the resources you have gathered to make Rani Stronger.

Don’t always clean the gunk

For some areas, you have to completely wipe out the gunk to move further in the game, but not always.

When there’s piles and piles of Gunk that just seems impossible to cleanup, it’s a sign to ignore it and find alternate pathing.

Keep an eye on the Environment

In The Gunk, you should always look around and up above so you can see different things which can be useful for solving different traversal puzzles.

In The Gunk, most of the time you will be solving puzzles by utilizing the plants and sucking up the Gunk in your environment for traversing land.

Most of the time the solutions for these puzzles are not obvious and you need to look everywhere properly. You will find many of the bulbs which blow up blockage by looking high as they are mostly located at a higher level.

Use the Energy Lure

One of the earliest upgrades you will find in the Gunk is the energy lure. Energy Lure is an item that Rani can use to attract certain enemies.

This is basically used to help you out against large swarms of enemies so you can focus on getting the gunk instead.

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