The Futuristic Hinomaruko Shows Its First Teaser Trailer For PS4 And Nintendo Switch

Japanese video game developers Pikii and other well-known developers Tamsoft have finally distributed the Hinomaruko teaser trailer at the latest Tokyo Game Show 2019 expo, after announcing the game a few days ago.

Hinomaruko is a newly announced action and adventure game that will invite us to embody a girl who must fight against giant mechs, enemies of all kinds and survive in a world ruled by the national military.

The video game will take us to the dystopian future of 2039, in a scenario in which the Soviet Union has not dissolved and the United States continues to face it as the leader of the free world. In Hinomaruko you will play when Japan has collapsed as a nation and the Emperor and all his lineage have collapsed and fallen.

The game’s announcement teaser featured some flashes of what the gameplay may look like when it is released, but because it is a title still under development, some details may change to its final version.

They have also launched a Japanese Twitter account for those hardcore fans who want to follow the evolution and development stages of the game.

Unfortunately, Hinomaruko still doesn’t have a release date yet, but will definitely release on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Recently it was a busy week at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) announced the return of the massive event for next year with the Tokyo Game Show 2020, which will be held from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September.

The next edition is expected to register many attendees because the industry will be on the eve of the arrival of the new consoles, especially Sony, which has a large presence in Japan.

Square Enix also distributed a spectacular new trailer for another well-known Japanese video game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which premiered at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. In the video you can see a multitude of unpublished scenes, iconic sequences of the original 1997 hit game and exciting upcoming gameplay pieces.

This remake of Final Fantasy VII will not be a mere adaptation of the graphics but tells the story entirely from scratch and with a new format. We will relive the story of Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth, Shinra and Midgar, but in a different video game, and like mentioned above, made from scratch, in which we can freely explore Midgar and the game world.

Japanese video games have really grown a lot in countries like the United States and most countries in Europe. The way they present the unique graphics in these games like the above-mentioned Hinomaruko and Final Fantasy saga really lures players in, even though some games may not have English subtitles included.

Luckily for us, most Japanese games have English subtitles available, but it does not seem to bother most players as they are there to play the game and not focused on things like the language barrier present in some games.

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