The First Descendant Dev Talks About DLSS, FSR, UE5, Endgame and More

Since the reveal, The First Descendant has a lot of fans excited, especially its visuals thanks to Unreal Engine 5. While the game will be a free-to-play title, from what we have seen so far, it has the potential to be a great co-op looter shooter experience that fans have been hoping for.

Since it’s a Free-to-play game with Unreal Engine 5 bells and whistles, many fans will atleast give it a go. And like any other publisher, Nexon Games wants to assure that The First Descendant won’t be a Pay to Win game. While discussing about the use of Unreal Engine 5, Lee Beom-jun, head of Magnum Studio said:

We started developing The First Descendant with the latest version of Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 5 was released during our development, and our Dev team became highly interested in its visual quality. Although I was a bit concerned since the development had already progressed a lot at this point, I decided to boldly upgrade our game to Unreal Engine 5 for the best visual quality.

The main reason for the upgrade is the Nanite and Lumen of Unreal Engine 5. In particular, we believe that the lighting quality provided by Luman, a Real-time Global Illumination solution, is essential for next-gen projects. Now, everyone on the team is delighted with the results.

As you may already know, The First Descendant beta will go live on October 20 through Steam. When we asked whether console players will be able to jump into beta as well or not, the developer said, “Unfortunately, you can only participate in the test on Steam with your PC this time. I send my apologies to console players. I’ll try to create another testing opportunity soon.” So while there won’t be a beta for console players next month, if the PC beta goes well and the developer sees more demand, a console The First Descendant beta could happen as well.

Since the game is being touted as a co-op experience, naturally, players would want to know if solo players will be able to enjoy it as well. Regarding solo play, Lee Beom-jun explained:

The gameplay consists of field missions, and we designed it so you can enjoy it via single play. A “private mode” option allows players to enjoy the game alone without encountering other players. Through this mode, all the players will have sufficient resources for growth. You can also select the “public mode” to play with other users and enjoy co-op.

However, we kept the co-op gameplay in mind when designing the huge boss raids and some of the missions from the beginning. In particular, huge boss raids require a high level of cooperation because each boss has a different gimmick that requires a different strategy. Players must study the optimal characters and gear settings to clear the missions with a high level of co-op gameplay.

The developers are also trying to make the matchmaking system for co-op “stress free”. They will allow players to choose what they want to play in co-op and system will match them accordingly. With Nexon Games servers, they will be able to tweak these settings without doing server maintenance.

The First Descendant will allow you to equip three weapons at a time and 4 different pieces of gear. You will be able to tweak your equipment and make your character stronger in different ways. One of those ways would be through “Runes”.”Another important growth factor is the rune. Runes are the key equipment for growth and the establishment of various strategies. They are equipment that can be attached to both characters and weapons and are items that enhance performance or grant various additional functions. Also, runes can be dismantled, enhanced and combined. Through this, players can develop their character in a new way, allowing them to establish their own strategy”, explains developer.

The game is also expected to feature both Nvidia and AMD’s DLSS and FSR respectively. These features will also be available in the upcoming beta. Not only that the developer also plans to add INTEL’s XeSS as well.

Yes, it features both DLSS and FSR. In addition, we plan on having our game feature INTEL’s XeSS, and if there is no setback in the development, you can check all these features during the Steam beta test. We take it very seriously and with significant value to provide players with as many options as possible so they can enjoy the game in various environments.

As for the loot itself, the developer has confirmed that it won’t all be RNG:

There are some randomly set elements, but it will not all be RNG. The First Descendant is designed to reward players in proportion to the time invested by the player rather than having them given out randomly. As for the significant rewards like characters and weapons, we designed it so that it would take more time to collect a variety of them than to get one specific one.

Of course, various items in the game require grinding. It may take more time if players want to get some of these with specific options or features. However, the development team wanted to make it possible for many players to collect characters and enable character growth in various ways if they put in the time.

Most of you would also want to know what the developers have plans for The First Descendant end-game. Developers are quite confident that instead of just focusing on end-game, they have developed The First Descendant in such a way that it will be fun for players throughout. However, once the characters are fully developed, their will be specialized raids as well.

First, we designed it so players can have fun even without reaching the end-game. Collecting the characters and focusing on their growth will be the main goal for players to play the characters in the way they prefer.

Above all else, the most representative end-game in the game is the huge boss raids. These raids are not only available to players that completed the character growth, but we plan to have the raids throughout the character growth so that they can be played. I think it will be fun for players to establish and set strategies when fighting against a new boss and challenging themselves in raids of incredible difficulty.

In addition, as we aim for a live service, we will continue to update these entertaining core elements: the new characters, new bosses, and new main stories. We think we’ll even have new game modes and content.

The First Descendant is expected to launch in 2023 however, we will have a confirmed release date based on the beta results. Again, if you are interested in trying out the game, you should sign up for the beta via Steam.

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