The Evil Within 2 Weapons Locations Guide

There are a lot of weapons in the Evil Within 2. A lot of them can be hard to find because of where they are located. This The Evil Within 2 Weapons Locations Guide will tell you exactly where the weapons are located and how you can unlock them so you do not have to waste your time trying to find ways to unlock your favorite weapons.

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The Evil Within 2 Weapons Locations

Semi-Automatic Handgun

This will be your first gun which you’ll find automatically in Chapter 2. You’ll get it when you leave the cabin.

Laser-Sighted Handgun
During Chapter 3, you can find it in the Parking Lot North to the Union Auto Repair.

Silenced Handgun
Complete the ‘Getting Back Online’ Mission in Business District and then find it in the orange Mobius Crate in Syke’s safe house.

Burst Handgun
Found in ‘The Last Chance Pack’; which was the pre-order bonus.

You need to finish the 4 Anima Flashback Events to obtain the Revolver. To do this, you need to find the Photographic Slide #2 and the Woman’s Journal during Chapter 3, the Residual Memory #12 during Chapter 7 and then finally the Computer File: Pit Observatory during Chapter 11.

Complete the story at any difficulty to get the Magnum.

Sawed-Off Shotgun
During the Rouge Signal side quest of Chapter 3, you’ll arrive at a spooky repair shop where you’ll need to use your radio to listen to memory. In this audio clip, you’ll come to know that there is an armory below this repair shop. Turn the power back on using the power switch and then use the latch below the hydraulic lift to make your way down to the armory and get the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Full-Barreled Shotgun
You can get this gun during Chapter 7 or Chapter 11-13. This shotgun is inside a shed to the south of the Post Plus safehouse in the business district.

The shed will be locked, so you’ll need to get inside. Travel to the Devil’s Own Taproom in the southern section of the map and enter the valley to the right. Here, there will be several Lost for you to take care of.

After you do so, go down this alley and you’ll get a resonance signal, leading to a Lost feasting on a Mobius agent’s corpse. Eliminate the lost and get the key from this corpse.

Take the key back to the shed and get your Full-Barreled Shotgun.

Double-Barreled Shotgun
Complete all the side quests in Chapter 7 and at the end of ‘The Last Step’ side quest in Chapter 13, there will be a man sitting in an escape pod and smoke will then subsequently fill up this room. Search for a box in the corner of this room to obtain the Double-Barreled Shotgun.

Sniper Rifle
After you leave the safehouse in Chapter 3, go on top of the roof of the tallest building on the west to get a broken Sniper Rifle. Now, travel to the north-west corner of your map and search for the tool shed there.

Enter the tool shed and you’ll see some convenient Sniper Rifle parts sitting on a workbench. Use the workbench to fix your Sniper Rifle with these parts.

The Sniper Rifle can also be acquired during Chapter 11-13 on the roof of John’s Coffee, and then in Chapter 15 in the ruined city area.

Assault Rifle
Found in The Marrow: Facilities safe house at the start of Chapter 13.

Found in The Marrow: Restricted Labs after you have defeated the Harbinger Boss during Chapter 11.

You have to repair it using the parts dropped by Harbinger enemies. Head to the business district to find lots of them.

Survival Knife
Found automatically during Chapter 2.

Brass Knuckles
Unlocked when the game is beaten on Nightmare or higher difficulty, or Classic Mode.

Crossbow and Bolts Locations

Warden Crossbow
After you leave the safe house during Chapter 3, travel down the street to the left and you’ll find an armored vehicle at the very end. The crossbow will be sitting right behind this vehicle.

Shock Bolt
Found at the same place as the Warden Crossbow.

Harpoon Bolt
Find them near the Warden Crossbow and scattered around the map.

Smoke Bolt
Find at the Union Power and Gas in the residential area and they are also scattered throughout the map.

Explosive Bolt
Find in the basement of the Union Auto Repair and they are scattered around the map.

Freeze Bolt
Find them in Torress’ Safe House and scattered throughout the map

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