The Evil Within 2 Resonances Walkthrough

This The Evil Within 2 Resonances Walkthrough will guide you through the Resonances mission and give you numerous tips and tricks to make sure that you smoothly sail through this mission in the game. Read on to find out where you are stuck and why that is so.

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The Evil Within 2 Resonances

Talk to O’Neal

Select all four of the topics one by one to get the story from O’Neal. There is an option for a side mission if you select the “Supplies?” option which you can simply avoid to save time.

Explore the Safehouse

In the safehouse, you can pour yourselves a cup of health at the coffee maker. You can also use the Workbench to craft items or upgrade your weapons. There is also a save terminal to save your progress.

After this, you can find the portal to your own personal (Sebastian’s) room. There is also a wheelchair which you can enter to access the upgrade room.

There are a lot of things that you can upgrade using items that you have acquired during the story so far so it is a good idea to check it out.

Track the Voice

Exit the safehouse to trigger a cutscene after which you have to lock onto the Girl’s Voice to get a general search area in which you have to locate her.

There are also two male voices that can be heard less than a hundred meters away and there is an optional side mission which you can perform if you decide to follow them, which is once again a waste of time if you just want to get on with the main story.

Remember that there are a lot of collectibles that you can unlock if you do the various optional side missions and explore each and every building in the town ahead.

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Whether you chose to do the side mission or not, you will return back to the same objective which is to track the girl’s voice on your communicator.

Here at the start, you will have the option of killing the Hysteric as you move your way up the Cedar Avenue towards the orange circle on your map. You also have the option of exploring 336 Cedar Avenue which will yield you some interesting and useful items.

As is with most optional things in the game, it might be worth checking them out for the complete experience but if you are impatient and just want to get on with the story then it is best to avoid them.

Moving forward you will also have the option of checking out the Szilard House Inn and the 345 Cedar Avenue which will yield some nice stuff for you at the expense of a few minor scares.

After the house, move forward to see a few Lost awaken and roaming the hillside where you can either kill them or sneak past them.

Before you head up the hill, follow the road to the pit stop sign and then sneak behind the statue to grab the locker key before heading up the pit stop.

Get to the front of the building and then tune in on the resonance to have a vision. After this open the door and follow the white footprints to the office door. When you fail to open the door, turn left and push the white counter to reveal an opening through which you will crawl into the office.

In the office, pick up the Lily doll for a vision and then exit the building. Move behind the building now to search for clues and find the locker key statue.

After this, keep on following the resonance of Lily’s voice, you will have to kill the spawn in the parking lot and the best way to do that is to keep on moving away from it as you attack each of its heads.

After this keep on following Lily’s voice and her footprints to behind the building where you notice a blood spot.

Put a waypoint on Lily’s voice that appears on your map and follow the waypoint onwards to notice Lily’s ghost running off when you tune in your resonance near the waypoint.

Once you get to the warehouse by following the various clues that Lily had left behind, you need to clear the yard by kicking over the oil drum and luring the lost into the spill and then shooting the puddle to light them up.

Now head over to the third delivery truck where you can open its rear and find a mysterious machine.

After this make short work of the two Lost and then head into the enclosure where you can flip a switch to empower the warehouse.

Move inside the warehouse and get on the second floor. You will see a storeroom which will be a dead end.

You need to retrace your steps back to the interior staircase and then move straight ahead.

Take out any enemies you see on the way as you move to the second level using the yellow ladder to explore the control room.

You will find a workbench there which you can use to craft any items that you require.

The second door in it will also lead you to the storeroom which you can loot. You will also find a Myra doll sitting in a pool of blood. After this go outside and try to communicate with O’Neal.

As you try to move back outside, you will notice the figure with the camera. As you move forward, you will see a wall with the phrase “Smile for Me”. After this, you will follow the murderer onto the yard where you will see three Spawn which you have to kill.

When all three spawns die, O’Neal tells Sebastian to return to the safehouse and gives him information on the next mission. Return to the safe house and confer with O’Neal to end the mission.

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