The Evil Within 2 Residual Memories Locations Guide

This The Evil Within 2 Residual Memories Locations Guide will tell you the location of all of the residual memories in the game so you do not have to waste your time trying to locate all of them.

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The Evil Within 2 Residual Memories Locations

Residual Memories are one of the many collectibles that can be found in the new Evil Within iteration. They are at various different locations spread out across the world and will reward you by revealing extra story and content within the game.

Chapter 3 Residual Memories Locations

Hayes and Turner Hatch Their Plan
Location: Krimson’s Supermarket, Loading Dock
You have to track the resonance at the dock behind the market to unlock the memory.

Hayes and Turner go their separate ways
Location: 322 Cedar Avenue, Utility Room
This memory can be unlocked if you go to a room towards the very end of 322 Cedar Avenue. It is the house behind the Union Church.

Turner Comms Problem
Location: Union Auto Repair, Office
You have to tune this memory in the back office of the repair shop. Locate it near the fuse box.

Location: Union Auto Repair, Underground Passage
Activate the lift to reveal the floor hatch and then drop into the passage below. Follow the passage to a dead body and you will trigger the residual memory.

The Train
Location: Derailed Train, Last Car
Locate the woman on the platform towards the end of the train on the west of the Union island and you will trigger the memory.

Turner’s death
Location: Union Visitor Center, Basement
After you have investigated the three residual memories in the side mission, you can access the basement of the visitor center where you will trigger the memory if you use the communicator.

Chapter 4 Residual Memories

Down the Hatch
Location: Union Residencies, North Safe House
You have to tune this memory in the garage of Union power and Gas. Fire a shock bolt to the lock panel next to the door to open it.

Location: The Marrow, Central Access Tunnels
Pass through the gas leak tunnels and head up the stairs to the rusting door. Find the Mobius soldier and then tune the memory near the edge of the collapsed passage, which exits B2.

Chapter 5

Before the Collapse
Location: City Hall, Gazebo
Tune this memory on the Gazebo platform, which is near the safe house.

Chapter 6

Wait for Stevens
Location: Union Business District, Post Plus
Find the dead Mobius soldier in west and tune the memory near him.

Chapter 7 Residual Memories

Parts and Pieces
Location: Union Business District, Parking Lot
Tune near the resonance at the pile of corpses, which are burning behind the Credit Union.

After Life
Location: Union Business District, Juke Diner
Find this in the kitchen of the Juke Diner near the man who is in the chair.

Failed Rescue
Location: Union Business District, Alley
Look for the APC in the south and then find the Mobius soldier behind it. Tune the memory next to the corpse.

Chapter 8

Stefano’s Affirmation
Location: Union Business District, Grand Theater
Climb the staircase in the lobby and find artwork on the back of the wall. Now tune in your memory.

Chapter 9

Location: Theodore’s Domain
Find the Crank handle and use it to raise the gate. Then enter the second cell on the right and crawl through the tunnel towards the next cell where you can tune your memory.

Chapter 11 Residual Memories Locations

Strange Call to Hoffman
Location: The Marrow, Hoffman’s Safe House
You should be able to see the resonance point shadow in a room. Tune your memory over there.

Hoffman’s Clearance
Location: The Marrow Restricted Labs, Security Gate
Move to the first lab and then to the second lab with the autopsy tables. Approach the security gate and trigger the memory.

Nothing is Left
Location: The Marrow Restricted Labs, Lab 2
Go to the second floor of the lab complex and tune the memory in the middle of the room.

The Voice
Location: The Marrow Restricted Labs, Lab 4
Defeat O’Neal first, and then trigger the memory when you enter the Lab.

Chapter 14

Saving Lily
Location: Limbo
Automatically triggered when you approach the banner on the left side of the slope.

Final Goodbyes
Location: Limbo
Automatically triggered when you get to the statue in the middle of the slope.

Location: Limbo
Automatically triggered when you get to the hole in the ruined building on the right slide of the slope.

Freeing the Core
Location: Limbo
Automatically Triggered when you get to the lone tree on the slope near Sebastian’s Room.

Other memories

There are some more memories that you will automatically collect while going towards the final fight in Chapter 16. They can be spoilers so we won’t say their names. You will have long distance resonance pings to help you find them and there are no distractions so they will be easy to find.

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