The Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations Guide

There are a lot of collectibles that can be found in The Evil Within 2. One of them is the slides. Slides are simply just pictures of the family and friends of Sebastian Castellanos. This The Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations Guide will tell you the exact location of all of the slides.

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The Evil Within 2 Photographic Slides Locations

We have detailed everything you need to know about finding all the Photographic Slides in the game and to unlock Chatting With Kidman Achievement/Trophy.

Chapter #2

Happier Times
Location: Sebastian’s Room, Computer
Find the slide on the desk next to the projector and use it to see the slide and select a conversation with Kidman.

Chapter #3 Photographic Slides

Beacon Hospital
Location: 345 Cedar Avenue, Beacon Corridor
After the flashback, follow the corridor to the wheelchair and find the slide on the seat.

Fire Article
Location: 336 Cedar Avenue, Bedroom
After Sebastian’s escape, return to the bedroom and find the slide where previously there was a woman’s journal.

Chapter #6

Sebastian and Myra
Location: The Marrow, Facilities
Leave the city hall and find exit D5. Locate the media room and pick up the slide next to the projector.

Chapter #7

Sebastian in Despair
Location: Union Business District, Juke Diner
After you tune your residual memory, the slide sits in the hand of the dead man in the chair.

Chapter #11

Sebastian and Kidman
Location: Sebastian’s Room, Office
Get to Torres’ Safe House and find the slide when you travel back via the mirror to Sebastian’s Room. The slide is on the shelf under the bulletin board.

Mobius Tag
Location: The Marrow Facilities, Near Exit 72
Get to the Nature preserve and find the security door CE-CO3. Solve the fuse box puzzle and step through the door to find the slide on the altar.

Reality After Stem
Location: The Marrow Restricted Labs, Pit Observatory
Use the computer in the small office to have an encounter with the Anima. After escaping, you end up back in the office but there is a slide on the desk.

Chapter #12 Photographic Slides

Lily at Home
Location: Castellanos House, Lily’s Room
Destroy O’Neal’s machine and then proceed to your old house. The slide is in a cabinet in Lily’s Bedroom.

Chapter #13 Photographic Slides

Too Much Power
Location: The Marrow Experimental Wing, Test Lab
This slide can only be collected if you’ve completed the side quests for Sykes. In this chapter, Skyes will approach Sebastian for a side quest called The Last Step. Once the side quest is complete, Sykes will leave a photographic slide behind which you can collect.

Final One
Location: Sebastian’s Room
Talk to Kidman about the ten slides you have collected, interact with the cat and follow it to trigger an event which will reveal the final slide

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