The Evil Within 2 On the Hunt Walkthrough

In this The Evil Within 2 On the Hunt Walkthrough, we will guide you step by step on how you can clear the story chapter One the Hunt mission.

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The Evil Within 2 On the Hunt

When the chapter starts, your goal is to return to the safe house. Follow the road and climb down the ladder to the safe house. Save the game and do other activities that you might want to do in the safe house.

Once you are done, use the computer to travel to The Marrow’s Access Tunnels, which you visited before.

West Access Tunnels

When you arrive, take out your communicator and check the nearby Resonance. Now exit the door and move forward until a door rises up revealing a path to the West Access Tunnels. Enter it. Once inside, solve the oscilloscope lock puzzle and collect the loot inside the door.

Go back and continue ahead. Pick the handgun ammo from the Mobius operative here and be ready to kill the Lost when it awakes.

Exit and go through the chain-link fence opening across the corridor. Keep going and eventually, you will hear some Lost up ahead. Sneak kill them both and continue ahead.

You can either hide behind the green barrels and kill them one by one or lure them in the oil spill of the red barrel and burn them to kill them instantly.

Media Room

Continue ahead, descend the stairs and you will end up in a big room full of crates. There is also a strange white bubbly stuff around the area here.

Avoid it and continue the path ahead. Go down the stairs to enter the media room. Move to the room’s center to trigger a conversation and when it ends, pick up the slide next to the slide projector on the computer table.

Exit the media room, turn right and continue ahead. Something will shut the door down the hall loudly. Keep going and force open the door at the end of the passageway.

Before opening the door, stack up on ammunition and any other item as a boss is waiting for at the other side of the door.

The Evil Within 2 The Watcher Boss Fight Guide

Open the door and watch the video. The boss here is The Watcher. Start shooting at the red eyes, as they are the weak point. When you do, it will open its mouth as well.

When it does that, shoot in its mouth to deal damage. Avoid its claws and white goo attacks and you will be fine. Claws can appear from anywhere the goo is present. It will go down soon but the boss battle is not yet over.

For the second phase of this boss fight, follow the passage to a big storeroom and pick up the strange item. Try to exit the room and the Watcher will appear again for the second phase.

Shoot in its face to kill it permanently. Once you have defeated the boss, exit the room from the open doorway.

Exit D5

Keep following the path until you reach another oscilloscope lock. Solve the puzzle and enter. Look around for supplies here. Exit the room and continue ahead to trigger a cutscene.

When it ends, look around the room to collect more data and collectibles. You can also use to mirror to travel back for upgrades. After you are done, return to Hoffman’s safehouse.

Grand Theatre

Once there, leave the main room from the door marked Exit D5 and follow the path to the port room. Here, use the computer to travel to Post Plus in Business District.

Your next destination is The Grand Theatre. Reach the Port Plus safehouse, explore around and then when you are ready to move ahead exit the safe house.

Once outside, you need to head straight to the Grand Theatre. It is very easy to spot because Aperture is floating above it. On your way investigate the portraits and you start the next chapter.

This concludes our The Evil Within 2 On the Hunt Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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