The Evil Within 2 Lying in Wait Walkthrough

In this The Evil Within 2 Lying in Wait Walkthrough, we will guide you on how to clear the 5th story chapter ‘Lying in Wait’. This chapter will have you face the horrifying Obscura but don’t worry, we’ve mentioned how you can take out this camera headed nightmare in our guide

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The Evil Within 2 Lying in Wait

City Hall Outskirts

You start this chapter with a terrifying view of the Aperture lurking over the City Hall. Head over to the gazebo and see the residual memory while there is some loot nearby with a Mobius operative. Once done, head towards the City Hall gate and you will find another Mobius operative with a photo on its head. Get it and see the following scene after which you will be fighting against a Guardian.

The Guardian

Here you can either defeat the Guardian or simply avoid the Guardian. To defeat the Guardian you need to bring it down with firepower. There is plenty of ammunition scattered around the area to keep your ammo reserves high.

Also, keep a lookout for environmental explosion opportunities to damage the Guardian such as the overturned truck. Shoot the fuel tank when the guardian is in the range to deal a lot of damage. Maintain distance from the Guardian at all times and do not let it get too close to you. Once down, you can enter the City Hall from the front gate.

To avoid the Guardian, you can sprint across the left side of the building to come to a white delivery van with three oil drums next to it. Kick one drum down to spill oil and shoot it. It will explode and will cause the van to explode as well. Continue forward avoiding the trip wires. Guardian will fall down on at least one of them giving you time to sprint ahead carefully.


Eventually, you will reach some crates. Now all you need to do is bash through them and go ahead. Keep heading straight while avoiding the explosive bolt tripwires here. Let them be for the Guardian. Reach the door at the rear entrance and start bashing on it to open it. Get inside and descend the stairs inside. You will find some Lost here, kill them and move to the gate blocked by a yellow dumpster.

Go around and move the dumpster to allow access to the door. Open it up and enter to find a staircase. Climb it and you will reach the main floor.

City Hall

You will find yourself in the back office. Save your game here, there is also a workbench here. Go out and you will find Harrison dying in the mailroom. Talk with him and he will guide you about your next objective. Look around the area for loot and collectibles. Once done, exit the mailroom, head left down the corridor and enter the left room first to find some pickups. Head back and now enter the doors to the right.

You will enter the Main Hall and explore the exhibits inside. Turn left once done and go through the next set of doors to a hall leading to a staircase.

Second Floor

Climb the stairs and head into the room with the black drapes. Head inside and explore the area. Grab the flowers next to the painting and the emerald necklace on the corner. Next, find the mannequin wearing a blue dress and put both the things on it. Rotate it to face the camera set up near it.

Go to camera and take a picture after making adjustments. Once the picture has been taken, back out and you will see that the backdrop has become a real hallway.

Move inside the hallway and explore everything inside it. Pictures, objects, papers everything that you see, check it out. Reach the end of the hallway to check the frame with the message. Turn away from it and you will hear a sound. Turn around and the frame will be switched with another one.

Changing Hallways

Follow the sound next and the open door, enter the bloody door and listen to the narrative. Now turn back and you will see the door is gone. Turn back to find another door behind you and enter it. You will end up in a dressing room. Continue onto the office next door, pick up the photo, and observe it.

Exit back just to see the hallway altered again. Keep going ahead until you see the deranged photographer at the end of the hallway. When you get close to it, it will shut the door in your face. When you turn around, you will see that the hallway has yet again changed altogether.

Now keep going straight following the path until you reach the point where you see a chair, emerald necklace, and the roses. Approaching the chair triggers a cut scene watch it when it ends grab the note on the table and step outside the room. Now go in the new dark hallway until you reach the hallway where you photographed the mannequin.

Here you will find a new door. Head inside to find some ammo. Grab the ammo, turn right and enter the south hall. You find the Stable Field Emitter here. Start the restart sequence and get ready for the boss fight.

Boss Fight – The Obscura

Once the timer is set, the murdering photographer will appear called Stefano and his creation The Obscura is your boss for this level. Obscura can freeze time whenever it takes a snapshot.

The frame freezes of which the snapshot is taken so if it takes the picture of the Stable Field Emitter, the timer stops. You will need to shoot at the Obscura to unfreeze the time again.

Make sure to keep your distance from the boss as the tendrils can grab you anytime from the dark, as it likes to hide and then attack you. Stick to long range sniping and hit the lens as soon as it comes out to snap a picture of the emitter.

You just need to keep it at bay until the timer reaches zero. Once it reaches zero, the emitter will activate disintegrating the Obscura.

Exiting City Hall

After the boss battle, you will need to go out to contact Kidman, as there are no signals inside. Exit the hall from the main doors and via the balcony walkway. You will find some collectibles here. Collect them all on your way outside. Keep going on the walkway until you reach a set of doors.

Enter it and collect the files inside. Exit from the left door and keep going through to hall until you reach the stairs. Descend them and turn left through the double doors.

You will arrive in the main hall. In the main hall, turn left and exit through the brown double doors. Keep heading straight and you will reach the entrance lobby. Go out via the front entrance and you will be outside the City Hall. Watch the cut scene to end the chapter.

This concludes our The Evil Within 2 Lying in Wait Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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