The Evil Within 2 Locker Keys Statues Locations Guide

In this The Evil Within 2 Locker Keys Statues Locations Guide, we will guide you on how you can obtain more Locker Keys by finding those hidden statues.

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The Evil Within 2 Locker Keys Statues Locations

Similar to the original iteration, The Evil Within 2 has many special lockers in Nurse Tatiana’s office containing special loot for you. These can only be unlocked using special Locker Keys, which you find in different statues located throughout the game.

Once you find a statue, break it to obtain The Evil Within 2 Locker Key inside. Locations of all Locker Key Statues are mentioned below:

Locker Key Statue #1
Your first statue is located near your first safe house. Near the O’Neal’s safehouse, it is located on a bench near a white van. Look for it under the lamppost.

Locker Key Statue #2
Next statue is found in the northwest section of the Union City. It is located on the front porch of a house across the street from the giant red wrench.

Locker Key Statue #3
Your next statue sits in the Church. It is located right next to preaching pedestal and a dead body.

Locker Key Statue #4
You can find the next one in the north of the church located on the beam below the pit stop sign by the road.

Locker Key Statue #5
Look for a toppled white van, with a smashed roof in the train graveyard in the far west. The next statue is located near it.

Locker Key Statue #6
The next statue is located at the opening area of The Marrow inside an elevator

Locker Key Statue #7
Your next statue is inside a tunnel located on a yellow barrel in a dead end, next to some iron bars in The Marrow.

Locker Key Statue #8
Next statue is located at the back of the safehouse in The Marrow

Locker Key Statue #9
The next statue is located in a locked room in the City Hall but the entrance is locked at first. This room is located on the left side of the entrance.

Locker Key Statue #10
Once in the Business District, you will find a statue located north of the diner near the glowing red growth.

Locker Key Statue #11
This statue is located around the diner. Look for the neon sign above the door. You will see the statue on top of the red bars on the right.

Locker Key Statue #12
The next statue is located across the main street from the diner, on the edge of a roof visible from the alley.

Locker Key Statue #13
Head to the big house northwest of the diner, the one built from red bricks. The statue is located next to the main entrance, on top of the decorative pillar.

Locker Key Statue #14
During the Stefano boss fight, look for it behind one of the pieces of cover in the stealth section, where you are trying to escape the gaze of the giant floating eye.

Locker Key Statue #15
The next statue is in one of the holding cells in the dungeons. Once you get down to the dungeon, you will have to turn a crank to open a certain gate. Once done, head back and into the area with the holding cells to find it.

Locker Key Statue #16
After the part with the glowing orange writing on the wall, head to the hall with the giant cloaked statues. The locker key is in the hands of one of them.

 Locker Key Statue #17
Look to the rafters of starting room in the Union Nature Preserve in Chapter 10 and you will find the next statue.

Locker Key Statue #18
In Chapter 11, once you are back in the business district. Look for the next statue in the rubble located northwest of the main intersection.

 Locker Key Statue #19
In the same area, take a look at the traffic lights above the intersection and you will find another statue on one of the poles.

Locker Key Statue #20
For the next statue, head into the bar southeast of the crossroads, and look for a locker key in the back room. This is not inside a statue.

Locker Key Statue #21
Get the next one from the bathroom of the Juke Diner. It is on a shelf in the dark.

Locker Key Statue #22
Now head to the safe house up north. One of the keys is located in a corner where a dead body used to be.

Locker Key Statue #23
Prior to arming the explosives in the Marrow, make sure you look behind the emitter Torres is standing next to. You will find a statue here.

Locker Key Statue #24
In Theodore’s stronghold, when you get to the room with the burning cages, turn right into the corridor, then left. Keep heading straight down the tunnel until you get to a cart with the statue inside.

Locker Key Statue #25
Find a shed with the Sniper Rifle parts in the northwest. You will find a statue beside the building wall of the northwest corner building.

Locker Key Statue #26 & #27

You will receive two locker keys as a reward from Shooting Gallery at Sebastian’s Place

 Locker Key Statue #28
There is a statue on the left side of the main entrance on the pedestal close to the Sons of Liberty Credit Union Building.

Locker Key Statue #29
On the third floor of the Theodore’s Stronghold on Chapter 14, you will find a statue in front of the room along an overhead pipe. You have to shoot that statue to get the locker key.

 Locker Key Statue #30
At the start of the chapter 13, you will step outside of the room after exiting the Marrow and run for the drawer. You will find a statue behind you on the right side.

 Locker Key Statue #31
You can find this key in Chapter 11 in the Restricted Labs of the Marrow. Look up when you enter the partition room in the Restricted Lab for the statue.

 Locker Key Statue #32
You will be able to find this key in Chapter 9. Climb any ladder and solve the puzzle and you will find your statue above you on the left side.

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