The Evil Within 2 Into the Flame Walkthrough

This The Evil Within 2 Into the Flame Walkthrough Guide will give you a complete and comprehensive walkthrough of the Into the Flame mission in the Evil Within 2. Everything will be explained in great detail so that you can easily pass through any stage in the game where you are stuck.

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The Evil Within 2 Into the Flame Walkthrough

We have detailed everything there is to know about completing Into the Flame Mission, which revolves around heading back the nightmare in order to save your daughter and then exploring your room.

Get to Lily’s Room

Run down the front sidewalk and get to the front door. Now press the control button and try to open the door. After you fail, turn right and then try the sliding doors.

After this, Sebastian will pick up the chair and smash the glass to enter the house. When inside the house, turn right and move through the smoke into the kitchen after which turn left and enter the first door to get to the front entry foyer.

Now climb the staircase and get to the burning beam. Press the control button to crouch underneath the beam and then keep on walking until you get to Lily’s room.

Saving your Daughter

You will wake up and have a reunion with Kidman, who will reveal that Lily is alive but is lost in another STEM.

You will now have to sit through a reasonably long cutscene and you will learn that your daughter is a core candidate and in another STEM environment.

Your job will be to follow the Mobius agents that have been sent in to locate her before the STEM environment collapses.

After this, you will be in your own room and will be informed that this is a safehouse which has been formed from your memories.

This will be used as a home base for a large part of the game. When you see the credits roll, start walking forward and run when you see Castellanos’ house and then towards the Beacon Mental Hospital.

Finally, move toward the desk and pick up the communicator which will transition you to another place.

Exploring Sebastian’s Room

Now all you have to do is to examine the plethora of stuff that is found in your room before you move on to the next mission. Use the communicator to call Kidman and trigger the next mission.

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