The Evil Within 2 Errors, Crashes, G-Sync Issues, Stuttering, Bad Performance, Audio Not Synchronized And Fixes

The Evil Within 2 has launched for PC and consoles with stellar reviews. However, many PC users are facing errors and issues such as crashes, missing “.dll files” and more. All of these The Evil Within 2 errors and issues will be addressed here so players may enjoy the game without any problem.

The Evil Within 2 is a sequel to 2014’s critically acclaimed Evil Within. The game has been developed using Stem Engine, which is a heavily modified version of id Tech. The generally has better performance compared to the first one but, there are some issues that PC users are experiencing and we will discuss them all here and will also provide a fix.

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The Evil Within 2 Errors, Crashes And Fixes

Following are the issues that PC users have been experiencing while trying to play The Evil Within 2. We will discuss these issues in depth and will also provide fixes for the following The Evil Within 2 errors.

The Evil Within 2 Errors, Crashes

The Evil Within 2 – Controller Not Working
One of The Evil Within 2 Errors PC gamers have been experiencing is that the controller is not working either its Xbox One controller of Ps4 controller. The fix for this issue is simple; just turn the controller on before you launch the game.

If that does not work then, you might be running Steam in big picture mode, which might be messing with your controller settings in the game. Turn off the Steam Big picture mode and the issue should resolve.’

The Evil Within 2 – G-Sync Not Working
Some players have been experiencing this issue while playing The Evil Within 2. While this setting should be working properly but here are some steps to get it working.

Go to Nvidia Control Panel, then to “Manage 3D Settings” and select Application Settings. Here, select The Evil Within 2 and enable G-sync for both fullscreen and windowed mode. You might be running the game in windowed mode and with the setting not enabled in Nvidia control panel might be causing this issue.

The Evil Within 2 – Bad Performance/Low FPS/Stuttering
It seems like this issue has become too common for PC games as every other game launches for PC has bad performance with few exceptions. The Evil Within 2 players are also experiencing stuttering and bad performance.

First of all, the reason you might be experiencing the low FPS is that the game’s recommended system requirements are for a stable 30 FPS meaning if you want stable FPS then you might want to play it on a system that exceeds the recommended requirements.

Also, update your GPU drivers to the latest version to at least update the driver to the version, which is designed for the game like Nvidia’s Game Ready driver. This should also resolve stuttering.

The Evil Within 2 – Audio Desync During Cutscenes
This is another of The Evil Within 2 Errors that many players have been experiencing on PC; however, the fix for this issue is simple.

Go to playback devices by right clicking the audio icon in the bottom right corner, select the audio device that is enabled, for most it will be “Speakers”, and open properties. Select “Advanced” and set the audio quality to 24-bit 96000Hz (Studio Quality) which should resolve the issue.

The Evil Within 2 – Not Downloading/Download Is Stuck
Some PC users have been experiencing this issue. For some, the game isn’t downloading and for some, the downloading has been stuck at a certain percentage. To resolve this issue make sure your internet connection is working properly.

As for the stuck downloading, the game requires more space on HDD to install compared to what has been revealed in the system requirements. The game requires 40 GB of HDD space, so try to make sure you have 60 GB of free space on the drive, as the extra is required for unpacking but after installing the game will take only 40 GB of space.

If this still doesn’t resolve the issue them try deleting the local files and start downloading in another driver and then move it back to the original drive.

The Evil Within 2 – Missing “.dll” Files
This is an issue that frequently pops up for PC users. This issue might arise because your Visual C++ Redistributable is not up-to-date. Just install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 which will automatically update the file or will put it in your system if it is missing. If the issue still persists, then try to update your Windows, which will automatically resolve the issue.

The Evil Within – Long Loading Times
This is another one of The Evil Within 2 errors that PC users have been experiencing. The solution for this issue is quite simple. Open up task manager and look for any program using your HDD drive too much if it is, then end that program and the issue will resolve.

Also, before launching the game kill all application in the background that can potentially use your HDD drive, as they will increase loading times.

If you are facing any other The Evil Within 2 errors not listed here or have a better solution to an error, let us know in the comments!

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