The Evil Within 2 Combat Guide

Survival in Union will be a mixture of smart resource management and choosing your fights wisely. Our Evil Within 2 Combat guide will provide tips and valuable insight into how you can face the horrors of the STEM system with ease.

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The Evil Within 2 Combat Guide

Stealth Guide

You will spend a lot of time in The Evil Within 2 hiding from your enemies. Especially when moving around the area, instead of mindlessly running around and attracting every enemy around the area, using stealth will greatly ease the game for you. Also if you want to recon an area before moving in, hiding will greatly make your life easy in The Evil Within 2.

There are plenty of cover opportunities around and you can hide behind such objects, which can act as a cover.

During combat or out of combat, these cover opportunities are of great help. You can crouch with a button as moving around crouched makes it difficult for the enemies to detect you.

Although your speed is slow during crouch movement, however, there are a few skills that you can purchase to increase your crouched movement speed.

Shooting from cover also increases your accuracy along with defense. Apart from these cover options; there is also plenty of foliage around the map, which allows you to move around undetected.

Tall grass can easily conceal you from enemies but it will also hinder your own view. So make sure you are not peeking from the grass right in the face of the enemy.

Best Weapons

You can choose from a variety of weapons in The Evil Within 2 but you should be using shotguns and sniper rifles most.

Shotguns feature a high level of damage at close range and they are extremely deadly. Whether you are against one enemy up close or a whole group of enemies, a shotgun will easily take care of all the enemies in quick succession.

Apart from the Shotgun, you can also find the sniper rifle, which is awesome for engaging enemies from a long distance.

Sniper comes with a magnification option with which you can make sure that you are hitting the right spot. It also features a high damage output so you can easily kill most of the enemies with a single shot.

With using weapons, you must always ensure that you are aiming for the head for maximum damage. This goes for all enemies whether big or small or even bosses.

Aiming for the head and unloading makes quick work of the enemies and is great for clearing out large groups of enemies quickly.

Bosses also feature a red glowing spot, which is their weak spot. Aim for these spots and fire for maximum damage.

Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons play an important role in your combat as well. Hand axes feature exceptional damage and they are great for crowd control as they damage multiple enemies close to each other when you swing your axe.

You can find axes on enemies wielding them and you can kill them to make them drop the axe. Pick it up and unleash its fury with each swing.

Hand Axe also have great attacking speed so it is your perfect ambush weapon. Instead of aiming and slow firing of weapons in sudden ambush attacks, simply use your axes to finish off the enemies quickly and survive ambushes around Union.

Best Skills

You get a skill tree from which you can purchase skills to make the combat easy for you.

The Bottle Break Skill is such a skill and it is very useful for breaking an enemy’s grab quickly. With this equipped, you can break the grab of any enemy quickly by hitting their head by a bottle from your inventory.

Buy it as soon as possible. Players playing it as Casual difficulty have it from the start so they do not need to buy it.

Another important skill it Sneak Kill. With this skill, you can sneak up behind enemies to quickly kill them with your axes silently.

To facilitate this kill type, you will need to buy Prowler 1 and 2 skills from the skill tree because initial crouched movement speed is very low and most of the time the enemy will turn around and detect you before you actually make a strike.


Collect loot, and utilize it to build items. You can craft in the field, but it is not cheap. Try to craft at least one of everything.

During few hours with the game try to focus on crafting ammo especially handgun bullets as they are easy to make and usefull against all enemies so well worth the investment.

Side Missions

There are optional tasks but well worth your time. Whenever they pop up, complete them. The starting two you will earn you the warden crossbow and the sawed-off shotgun.

Later you will start getting locations for Mobius operatives. They will have stuff like pouches to increase the number of bullets or syringes which you can carry or ammo

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