The Evil Within 2 Behind the Curtain Walkthrough

In The Evil Within 2 Chapter 4 Behind the Curtain Sebastian will have to dive into The Marrow, Mobius’s backend STEM transportation system and facility, to get to City Hall. Our guide will help you navigate this mysterious facility and get to your objective.

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The Evil Within 2 Behind the Curtain

You start the chapter in O’Neal’s safe house. Before you continue, you have unlocked the shooting range at Sebastian’s room, which you can try out by using the Mirror in the safe house.

Also, buy any upgrades from the chair that you would like and travel back to O’Neal’s safe house. Stock up on ammunition and leave the safe house.

Rescue in 344 Cedar Avenue

Your first stop will be 344 Cedar Avenue where you are required to rescue a woman. Once out of the safe house, start walking north up Cedar Avenue.

You will need to be quite to avoid the enemies which are now in the area. Stealth is your best option here otherwise; you will keep running out of ammo.

When you reach 344 Cedar Avenue, a screaming woman will alert you and some Lost all gathered at the place. Snipe them from afar, then move in, and kill off the remaining ones using sneak kills.

Finally, move in and use a shotgun on the last one. Once done, go in the house, rescue the girl, chat with her and explore the house for some ammo. Your work here is done.

Union Power & Gas Safe House

Your next stop is your new safe house. As you get close to it, you will spot a big Lament in front of the building.

Take it out from a distance using your sniper rifle otherwise, it will shriek and alert all nearby Lost enemies. Snipe the Lament and then move to the front door of the office.

Near the garage door, you will see a lock panel. Use a Shock Bolt on it to open it and do not enter it yet. Move in slowly until you see a fallen Mobius Soldier.

Shoot at his head to kill it and then finally move in the house and use your Communicator. Watch the cutscene and the Residual memory here and then explore to a safe house for some goodies.

The Marrow

Once done, use the computer on the desk to travel to dark void and then the next computer to finally arrive on the Operations sector of The Marrow.

Your next goal is the City Hall. Explore the arrival area for some useful stuff and then exit the area through the big door into a short hall.

Keep going until you arrive in the Situation Room.

Explore the room thoroughly and once you are done, climb the stairs and exit through the doors on the far side of the room.

When you see the Mobius operative, grab the item on him and follow the duct next to him to a lobby. Explore the lobby for items.

Before you unlock the next door, you need to make sure that you kill all the sleeping Lost in the shattered central hall.

Kill them before or otherwise they will spring to life and will make your life a living hell. From the lobby, move through the open blast door onto a catwalk overseeing this shattered hall.

Check the three lock doors to see several Lost enemies via the glass windows. Up the stairs, there is an unlocked door. Check the room to find a crossbow ammo pouch. Useful for the next fight.

Kill all the sleeping Lost in the area and return to the main floor. Go to the locked blast door.

Solve the oscilloscope lock puzzle as you did before and be ready for a big fight. Once you hit unlock, all doors are opened one by one and the Lost all pour out to take you out.

Use your weapons to thin them as quickly and then when the last Lost is down, you will have to face a Hysteric. Use your shotgun against her and try to land as many headshots on her as possible.

Once all the enemies are down, check all opened areas and loot anything that you find there. Once done, come back to the blast door and go through it to arrive at the Marrow Access Tunnels.

The Marrow Access Tunnels

Continue to the Access Tunnels by breaking the chained gate. Press the button on the catwalk to drain the tunnels, climb down the ladder, and continue forward. Climb the stairs to a side passage to find some shotgun shells next to a Mobius operative.

Return back to find a Lost wandering here and there. Wait for a perfect moment to stealth kill it and move on to climb the second ladder. Turn left at the top and enter the tiled room.

There you will wear your mask and in the next areas where the tunnels are filled with gas, you cannot use your firearms. Move through the door and kill the Lost using a Sneak Kill.

After taking care of it, move forward and turn left to descend the long staircase. Duck under the boards in the passageway to reach the watery tunnel.

Here you will hear wailing coming from a Lament present up ahead. To unlock the exit door, you need to get past the Lament so you will need to take it out. Wait until its back is facing you, move up and perform a sneak kill.

First done, run back to the door alcove and wait for the Lament to settle down. Once he is calm, get behind him for another sneak attack and this time he will be down.

Once he is down, follow the cable bundle into a small utility room. Open the fuse box in there and flip the buttons 1, 2 and 4 (left to right).

Once done, the exit door will be open and you will remove the gas mask once you have exited the tunnel. Climb the ladder and continue.

Getting to the City Hall

You will arrive in a power control room. Explore the room for supplies and continue ahead from the door marked ‘To West Access Tunnels: B2’.

Continue, climb the stairs, turn right, and then climb some more stairs.

Once in the Mobius storeroom, grab all the ammo you need from there along with other supplies.

Go downstairs and across the metal catwalk until you reach the rusting door.

Open the door and into the open vent located next to it. Before heading in, see the residual memory right around the corner from the vent.

Once done, come back and go inside the vent. Keep following it until you arrive on a collapsed floor. Exit the area from the door marked Exit B2 and use the computer to travel to dark void and then again to the City Hall port.

You will arrive at the safe house. Here you can explore for items, save your game or go back for upgrades or the shooting range.

Once you are done, go out and continue towards the city hall. On your way, you will see the murderer teleporting up ahead and the giant eye creature, the Aperture, will flash in the sky.

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