The Escapists 2 Rock-Hammer Hard Place Quest Guide

In this The Escapists 2 Rock-Hammer Hard Place Quest Guide, we will guide you on how to complete the Rock-Hammer Hard Place quest for the escape plan in Fort Tundra Prison.

We have explained the complete quest and all the tasks that you need to do in this guide so you can easily obtain the rock hammer, which is necessary for the escape plan in Fort Tundra.

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The Escapists 2 Rock-Hammer Hard Place Quest

To start the quest, find the inmate that has this quest in Fort Tundra. It is a series of quests and the first quest that the inmate will give you is getting book.

Get the book for him and he will later ask you to beat up a guard. Once done with beating up the guard, take the second book from him. For the next task, you need to steal a file from a desk and flush it down a toilet.

For the next quest, you need to increase your intellect up to 40. Once done, craft a bat following the instructions. For you next task, you will be asked to beat up a guy.

Beat him up and your task will be complete. For your next task, you need to get another book from a guard.

Go and beat up the guard and take the book from him. After this, beat up another guard at his request. For the last task to complete the quest, you need to craft a super whip for him after increasing your intellect to 70.

The game will show you the locations for all the required items. Collect them and you will be granted the Rock-Hammer. Complete the escape with the rock hammer.

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