The Escapists 2 Prison Tips Guide

The Escapists 2 Prison Survival Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about prison survival, skills, relationships, and more.

This The Escapists 2 Prison Tips Guide will help you escape on your first try and gives you useful tips and tricks on how to be a better ‘Escapist’.

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The Escapists 2 Prison Tips

The Escapists 2 rewards people with creative thinking and willingness to go outside the box but there are definitely a few things you can learn which will prepare you for the rugged life of a prisoner.

The Stats Bar

To be honest the only 3 stats you have to worry about are Health, Stamina, and Heat.

Health should be obvious; it represents the life in your character before he is knocked out. When it drops to zero then paramedics take you to the infirmary while seizing all contraband you were carrying at the time.

Health regenerates slowly on its own but is much faster if you are resting on a bed or due to certain consumables. Wearing armor makes you lose less health due to damage.


Your stamina is a representation of your character’s energy. If it drops to zero then you are unable to do most actions except walking, talking etc.

Lying down or showering increase your stamina considerably faster than its normal regeneration rate.

Consumables also increase stamina and It is generally a good idea to bring them with you for large ‘quests’ at night as lying in bed at night speeds up the time and recharging stamina becomes really hard.

The heat stat represents the negative attention from the guards that you receive. Having this number as low as possible is a good idea.

This stat increases if you are late for a routine or you start a fight or generally disobey the rules of the prison.

If your heat is above 80 then the guards attack you on sight and active escape attempts result in 100 heat instantly. Your heat decreases gradually with time and there is no way to speed this up.

The Skill Bar

Strength determines the intensity with which your character hits in combat, it is increased in the gym and is generally only useful if you want to knock out a lot of guards during your escape.

Fitness is the amount of stamina required to do a certain task. Having a high stamina is beneficial and this is the skill you should max if your escape plans has digging or using tools.

Intellect changes your character’s ability to make items. Opening your inventory will remind you of the fact that a lot of the items are locked behind an intellect requirement.

You can increase your intellect at the various bookshelves across the prison. All of the current items are unlocked at 70 so maxing intellect beyond 70 has no point in the current state of the game.

Relationships and Opinions

Unlike real life, peoples’ opinions actually matter in this game. People who have a low opinion of you might attack you randomly or guards with a low opinion may follow you to make your life difficult.

Inmates with green exclamation points above their head can give you quests that you can do for money. You can do these quests for money.

If you accept a quest, a yellow marker on the map tells you where your current objective is. These quests can be very simple or very challenging so make sure you can handle the challenge before you accept it.

The money you earn from quests can be used to buy stuff from other prisoners who have a coin above their head.

There is also a designated “job time” when an arrow points you towards a room where you can earn money.

This will only happen when you don’t have a job assigned, you can apply for one by reading the sign outside this room.


If you are making any passages by breaking walls or digging holes then you need to cover hide them as damaging the property of prison can be easily detected which switches on the prison alert and the passage is going to be fixed.

To hide it, you should put up posters if you are breaking a wall or put up a table over the hole you are trying to dig.

If you are making your way through the air vents then you can cover them up by fake vent covers but all in all, don’t leave anything out in the open


The Guards in the game are your main problem. The normal ones just walk around the prison or stand in a scheduled area.

They can increase your hear or call for backup but fighting them is not difficult.

Beware of the snipers though as they cannot be seen but they are there and will shoot any prisoner who is outside with high heat during the day, preventing you from jumping the fence and leaving the prison easily.

Dogs only show up at 2 stars but chase players with high heat and are invulnerable; they also increase in numbers at 4 stars so beware of them.

The SWAT team comes on during a lockout and should be avoided above all costs.

The guards walking around in the prison have 5 keys whose usage varies in importance from Cyan to Red.

You cannot take the key from the guard as the prison will go into lockdown but you can plant the key’s pattern into the soap and use melted plastic to make a key like that which will be broken down after 10 uses.

You should check in at an activity to stop the guards from getting under any suspicion in the first prison. For this, you only have to show up at the activity.

You do not have to participate in anything other than this and once you show up, you have leave immediately. Once the green check mark appears, you can relax as the guards will not be showing up any time soon

Tips and Tricks

It is good if you memorize the names of your cell mates and avoid beating them up as they might try to do the same during lights out.

Your desk has a storage compartment to keep your things and a secret compartment to hide contraband – these items cannot be found during searches.

At the start of the game, it is better to follow the schedule and to take a look around the prison in your free time.

Every prison has a schedule that you have to follow. It is different for each prison but every day ends and begins with a Role Call.

If you fail to follow the schedule and do not show up for a scheduled area then the security of the prison will rise up by half a star.

Missing a Role Call means the security immediately rockets up to 5 stars and the prison goes in lockdown while the person is searched for and beaten up.

Damaging the prison also increases security and security is reset to 0 stars after a lockdown. The stars represent the following Security Levels:

  • 1 Star: More Guards
  • 2 Stars: Hounds are Released
  • 3 Stars: Further Guards Enter the Prison
  • 4 Stars: More Hounds
  • 5 Stars: SWAT Team

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