The Escapists 2 My Little Phoney Objective Guide

The Escapists 2 My Little Phoney Special Objective Guide to help you craft the Fake Carrot and escape the Cougar Creek Railroad Prison.

You receive The Escapists 2 My Little Phoney Special Objective during the Cougar Creek Railroad prison escape. It is a fairly simple objective that requires you find certain items and craft a Fake Carrot. However, one thing that you need to look out for is to avoid getting caught by the guards.

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The Escapists 2 My Little Phoney Special Objective

All right, so the first thing that you need to do is to locate the pony. Doing so is straightforward and you should easily spot it behind the train.

Once you have the pony’s location, you need to craft a Fake Carrot.

Fake Carrot = x1 Handkerchief + x1 Orange Pen + x1 Green Pen

You should be able to find the Handkerchief and the Orange Pen inside a desk. We suggest checking each and every desk as you move the train in order to find them. Finding the Green Pen, on the other hand, is relatively easier as it is inside the same cart with the horse running alongside.


Once you have all the items at your disposal, you need to head over to the carriage at the very back with the horse running alongside it.

After you are there, craft the Fake Carrot using the recipe provided above followed by opening the carriage and escaping the prison.

One important thing that you need to bear in mind is if, at any point, during the escape, you items get confiscated; you should easily be able to locate them at the Contraband Desk.

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