The Elder Scrolls Online Woodworking Guide – Skills, Research and Improvement

Elder Scrolls Online Woodworking
In the Elder Scrolls Online, in addition using various mineral ores to forge weapons and armor, you can also craft weapons and shields made up of wood.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Woodworking

Just like Blacksmith Skills, you’ll need required resources prior to crafting wooden items. These resources can be gathered from other items as well as throughout the world of Tamriel.

Refinery Section

Before you jump in to craft your weapons and shields, you need to gather wood and refine it in the refinement section. As a general rule of thumb, you must have at least 10 units of wood before refining them.

Refining can also yield resins and Crafting Stones, which can be used in Improvement and Research Purposes.

Wood can be gathered in a number of ways; primarily Lumbering and Destruction. For Destruction, you must previously have a wooden item which can be broken to obtain wood and resins.

Getting Started

Woodworking is pretty much identical to Blacksmith Skills. At the beginning of the game, each class in the game is restricted to crafting items, which are specific to its class.

However, with the use of Crafting Stones, weapons/shields which are specific to other classes can also be crafted.

And similar to Blacksmith Skills, the Woodworking Skills can also be improved over the course of the game. You can select a number of Passive Woodworking Skills by spending in Skill Points.

Below, you will find a list of Passive Skills related to Woodworking. Furthermore, note that some of these skills may require some pre-requisite skills before you can upgrade them.

Passive Woodworking Skills

This skill can be upgraded 9 times and allows players to craft items using superior quality of material.

Keen eye: Wood
This skill can be upgraded 3 times and allows players to see wood as glowing object through a distance of 20 meters or near.

Lumberjack Hireling
This skill can be upgraded 3 times and allows players to hire a worker to salvage and fetch wood from them.

Wood Extraction
This skill can be upgraded 3 times and allows players to have more chances of extracting woodwork ingredients.

This skill can be improved 3 times and allows players to reduce research time by 5%.

Resin Expertise
This skill can be upgraded 3 times and allows players to have better chances of improving an item using Resins.


The research allows players with the ability to apply a buff to an item (weapon or shield) by using gem stones. Different kinds of stones are used to buff a weapon or an item.

Research of both Blacksmith Skills and Woodworking Skills is identically the same. So I would advise you to give my Blacksmith Skills Guide a look, and you will get everything you want.

Trait: Powered
Effect: Reduce cooldown of weapon enchantments by 30%

Trait: Charged
Effect: Increases enchantment charges by 17%

Trait: Precise
Effect: Increases weapon and spell critical value by 3%

Trait: Infused
Effect: Increases weapon enchantment affect by 13%

Trait: Defending
Effect: Increases total armor and spell resistance by 4%

Trait: Training
Effect: Increases weapon skill line xp with weapon type by 22%

Fire Opal
Trait: Sharpened
Effect: Increases armor and spell penetration by 6%

Trait: Weighted
Effect: Increases weapon attack speed by 4%

Trait: Sturdy
Effect: 22% chance to avoid decay when defeated

Trait: Impenetrable
Effect: Increases resistance to critcal strikes by 60

Trait: Reinforced
Effect: Increases item’s armor value by 4%

Trait: Well-fitted
Effect: Decreases the cost of Sprinting by 2%

Trait: Training
Effect: Increases armor skill line xp with armor type by 6%

Trait: Infused
Effect: Increase armor enchantment effect by 8%

Trait: Exploration
Effect: Increases exploration xp by 6%

Trait: Divines
Effect: Increases mundus stone effects by 4%


Throughout the guide, I have laid stress on Resins. The main purpose of resins is to reinforce your weapons and shields to provide you with an advantage over your opponents.

Since enemies don’t drop any Legendary Items, you’ll have to rely on Improvement to gain the Legendary Status for a weapon.

The Improving process is a risky one because your item can break in the process. In order to avoid this from happening, it is always advisable that you use a maximum number of Resins.

For instance, if a particular resin have 5% chances of improving your weapon status from Epic to Legendary, there are 95% chances that your item will become useless. In order to avoid it, use 20 units of that particular Resin and your success chances will increase to 100%.

It can also be improved by using Resin Expertise Passive Skill.

Once again, I would advise you to give Blacksmithing Guide a look and things will become clearer.

Found anything missing or confusing, let us know in the comments below!

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