TESO Imperial Edition Will Bring No Unfair Advantage

The Elder Scrolls Online - Imperial Edition
When The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition was announced and its details revealed, it was received with criticism. Fans fear that TESO Imperial Edition will be a way of gaining unfair advantage, but Bethesda has come up to rule this out.

In an ‘Ask us Anything’ question and answer session, a fan questioned whether the Imperial Edition owners will gain a big gameplay advantage over those who don’t. The reply was a plain ‘no’.

The answer reads:

Being an Imperial includes a racial skill line that offers unique gameplay opportunities, but there is not an overall gameplay advantage. It is an opportunity to set yourself visually apart in the lands of Tamriel.

The post has explained that although with the imperial edition, you get the opportunity to play as a rogue Imperial and get a unique racial skill line; the skills are equal in terms of gameplay impact to other races with unique skill lines.

Furthermore, the crafting abilities will allow you to craft in the Imperial style just like any other race can craft. To add to this, you will be allowed to learn the imperial crafting style once you locate the corresponding racial motif.

The game will not start in a unique location or a separate quest for the Imperials, though they can start in any alliance according to their status, i.e. an unaligned outcast of their province.


The post reassures in the end that “gameplay benefits within this edition have been designed to avoid bestowing unfair advantages over players who do not purchase this special edition.”

In their words, it is just different from a collector’s edition as they do not offer any in-game items. It has been developed to appreciate the fans and not to give them undue favors.

What is your take on TESO Imperial Edition?

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