The Elder Scrolls Online Character Customization Done Right in This Video

Although the Elder Scrolls games always feature an expansive character customization, one may argue that the options are quite limited to some extent.

The Onion, a YouTube channel, driven by sheer mockery and satire, has uploaded a new video (in collaboration with ZeniMax Online) exploring features in The Elder Scrolls Online where players will be able to customize their characters’ bones, organs, blood type, allergies, and even ovaries weight.

One-eyed elf, spineless Dragonknight, and an archer having only one arm are no longer out of the question. The possibilities are literally endless!

It is advised to be careful and invest some time on the digestive system though; it’s sometime hard to find a loo in Tamriel. Needless to say, but the doctors recommend not altering the base sequences in the DNA, you don’t want you spend days on creating your character, just to see him/her die as soon as the game starts.

Check out the video above and share all the crazy ideas you can come up with, in the comments below! Players pursuing their majors in Medical Sciences are encouraged to share some useful tips.

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