The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Companions Guide

In this The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Companions guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about companions and the companion system introduced in the Blackwood expansion of ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Companions

Companions are the characters who will be your allies on your adventures in Tamriel. Once you have found and unlocked them, they will help with your dungeon crawls and enemy combat.

But where can you fin these guys? With the launch of ESO’s Blackwood chapter, you can only find two. Let’s take a look at how to do that below.

How to find Companions

As mentioned before, with the release the Blackwood chapter, you can unlock up to two companions. To unlock them, you have to complete some tasks which are associated with them. The two companions you are going to find here are:

Bastian Hallix
You will find Bastian Hallix in the south of Deepscorn Hollow when you go along the southeast coast of Blackwood. After completing his associated quests, Bastian can be recruited as a follower.

Mirri Elendis
You will find the second companion, Mirri Elendis, in the Northern Blackwood just north of the Doomvault Vulpinaz. Like Bastian, once you have completed her associated quests, she can follow you.


Companion System

When you fight alongside a companion in ESO, you can build rapport by taking actions they like. You have to make a strong bond with them.

Companions can also share personal quests with you. You can give them some gear and customize them in different ways.

At the start, both companions will have level 1 and they level up when you earn XP and fight battles with them.

Companions also have their own skills, and they can have different sub-classes like Soul Thief, Deadly Assassin, and Living Shade.

Dialogue System

Companions have a dialogue system as well which you can use for interacting with them. You have to interact with your companions continuously for unlocking the personal quests as well. You can also understand them better in this way which is also good for Rapport Level.

Summoning Companions

Companions can be summoned to most of the places in the Tamriel but there are some cases in which you can’t summon them. For example, in places like group arenas, dungeons, trails or PvP.

Also, in case your relationship with your companion deteriorates and gets to a low rapport level, your companion can unsummon themselves voluntarily.

Rapport Level

The Rapport level ranges from hate to love and it depends upon how much a companion likes or hates you.  Both the available companions right now have their own dislikes and likes.

The rapport level will increase as the companion fights alongside you. For a good relationship and a higher rapport level, you have to take into consideration of the companion’s likes.

Companion Death

Your companions can also die, and you will have to recover them using a soul gem if you want them back. So don’t expect to cheese out difficult fights with them.

Companion Customization

As mentioned before, companions can be given their own gear and equipment. You can also set skills for them according to the weapon type you want them to have. Skill swapping will have a cooldown associated with them but it’s not too long.

You can also purchase companion equipment from the Woodworker, Armorer, and Weaponsmith throughout the world. You can even change up their appearance with costumes you have and even mounts.

Quest Rewards

Once you have completed companion quests, you will be rewarded with the collectible of the companion which you can use just like any other collectible in the game. Moreover, the completion of the quests will increase the rapport level significantly.

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