The Elder Scrolls 6 Rumored To “Beef-Up” And Add New Spells

It will be several years before Bethesda Softworks even decides to start revealing any details about The Elder Scrolls 6. The critically acclaimed franchise has always taken its sweet time between new installments and the upcoming one was only announced a couple of years back. That being said, some hope can be placed in unofficial channels to learn what The Elder Scrolls 6 will eventually offer.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, an anonymous user claiming to be close to the developer dropped a ton of new details about The Elder Scrolls 6 that may or may not be accurate. Hence, it goes without saying that the alleged leak should not be taken seriously unless an official acknowledgement arrives.

According to the leaker, spells are being significantly revamped and improved to trump the rather underpowered schools of magic from the last installment. Alteration, for example, will actually alter reality in The Elder Scrolls 6 to pull up giant spikes from the ground, find and disarm traps, slow down enemies, open locks, and even fix armor and weapons.

Illusion, as another example, will fool characters to gain their trust and even hypnotize them to perform certain actions. Restoration will receive the biggest changes in The Elder Scrolls 6. Using sunlight as a source of power, restoration spells will have offensive uses that can burn, stun, and blind enemies. Similarly, destruction will temporarily buff weapons with frost, shock, or fire damage.

Spellmaking will return as well, in addition to several new spells from either past installments or well-known fan-crafted mods. One of them includes levitation from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Bethesda Softworks will be adding something new to each school of magic.

Furthermore, the alleged leaker pointed out that rumors about The Elder Scrolls 6 featuring procedural generation are false. The upcoming sequel, though, will be without loading screens unless players enter dungeons, their home, or fast-travel.

The leaker went through the crafting mechanics as well, which will apparently be similar to Fallout 4. Several guilds are making a return from past installments with a lot of improvements and purpose.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in early development according to the leaker, which comes as no surprise. Bethesda Softworks is apparently looking at a release window of late 2025. Hence, why fans should refrain from expecting any reveals or announcements anytime soon. Last year, director Todd Howard noted that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be designed to have a lifetime of about ten years. The sequel will be much larger in scale when compared with past installments. In other words, a lot of work still needs to be done.

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