The Division’s Dark Zone Will Evolve Once You Hit Level 30

The Division’s Dark Zone will evolve once you hit level 30, the max level. According to creative director Magnus Janson, The Division’s end game content will be available at launch, however, there would still be plenty to do, like entering an evolved, more populated Dark Zone.

Once you hit level 30, the max level, we create a new instance of it, so players will be entering into this all new repopulated Dark Zone basically. There’s also PvE endgame and goals and challenges. Things for you and your group to aspire to. Difficult things that you really want to set your sights on and accomplish.

In the beta, max level available to us was 8 while the Dark Zone was maxed out at level 12. It didn’t take more than a few hours to max-out, so we can say that reaching level 30 won’t take too long as well. Probably a couple of days of grinding will do, depending on our playtime.

We’re slowly going to be rolling [endgame] out for free in the beginning. We will sell more stuff for you to do in the game in the form of [DLC], but there won’t be a pay-to-win or a pay-to-get-better-gear or pay-to-get-more-Dark-Zone-credit.

The Division will release on March 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Speaking of PC, we were recently told by an anonymous Ubisoft developer the console versions are holding back PC.
Soon after, fans were out for blood so Ubisoft quickly released a statement to clarify. Ubisoft explained that this isn’t true and that the PC was build from the ground up.

Source: Mashable

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