Ubisoft: The Division Is a “Monster Brand”, Was Even More Successful Than What We Hoped

The Division was one of the most successful new IPs that launched this current generation of console, and the game is still going strong as Ubisoft revealed that The Division has 44 million unique players. According to Ubisoft, this new IP was a huge success for the studio and has become a monster brand for the company.

Speaking with Gamereactor, Massive Entertainment Managing Director David Polfeldt said that The Division is a huge brand for the company and it became a bigger brand and was so successful that Ubisoft did not even anticipate it to be such a success.

It’s a huge brand, it’s a monster brand. And to be honest, it became way bigger and was more successful than anything we had hoped for. We had very high ambitions but in the end The Division is one of the most successful launches in the entire gaming industry of 2016. And that gives us an incredible platform to look at. What can we do with that? What can we learn from that? How do we bring it to the next level? What do we do that is live and what do we in the shadows before we show it and so on?

In related news, during the recent earnings call, Ubisoft revealed that it will launch 4 AAA titles in its fiscal year 2018-2019. According to the company, the fiscal year 2018-2019 will see “the release of four AAA titles with three established franchises and a new brand”.

The Division is third-person action shooter developed by Ubisoft Massive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamereactor(via PlayStationLifeStyle)

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