The Division Xbox One DLC Timed Exclusives Confirmed

While this was mentioned way back in 2014 at E3, Xbox One will have timed exclusivity over The Division DLC releases. Will that hold back other players?

With all of the hype around The Division’s release, and the upcoming Beta the question of just where future DLC will arrive first is obviously one of the issues for purchasers. As some may remember it looks like Xbox One will be getting the content first.

Not much has been mentioned about timed exclusivity around content for The Division since way back in 2014 when Ubisoft revealed Xbox One would get content first. This hasn’t been mentioned since, until CharlieIntel posted a screenshot of the GameStop website:

As you see the advertisement says it all, and confirms that Xbox One will be getting DLC first, which should keep fans of the Microsoft console happy. This of course is the latest game to have such exclusivity, with PlayStation 4 memorably getting the content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 first.

What will this mean to player? Well in truth not much. We’ll no doubt be hearing soon what the delay will be for PC and PlayStation 4 gamers for The Division, but in truth they can’t wait too long before allowing them to catch up. It will also be interesting to hear how DLC will affect the game, especially for those who decide not to buy it.

With the game being heavily dependent on the online play, for continued interaction between gamers it will be important that they have the same content. This is obviously something that effects other games such as Destiny, so it can be done. Hopefully though people won’t feel they are forced to make extra payments to keep their gaming experience going.


Are you surprised that Xbox One have the timed exclusivity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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