The Division Update 1.2 Conflict Adds Clear Sky Incursion Featuring Rikers Gang

Since The Division’s first major update pack, the Incursion pack, launched back in April, the game’s players have been wondering what Ubisoft Massive will be putting into the game next.

Now, with a trailer for The Division update 1.2, entitled “Conflict,” we’ll be seeing what they have in mind. The trailer for Conflict shows off a new brace of content, including a new Incursion called “Clear Sky,” new loot, and a bounty hunting system.

“Clear Sky” is a new Incursion that piggybacks off of Falcon Lost, the first Incursion introduced to the game. In Clear Sky, you’re facing off against the Rikers, the violent gang of prison inmates that have moved into the space vacated by the Last Man Battalion.

They’ve done this by taking over one of the LMB’s old anti-air sites and are now threatening the supply drops of the Joint Task Force and other government forces in the city. Like Falcon Lost, the required Gear Score for the Incursion will be 150.

The Division update 1.2 has also introduced a bounty hunting (or rather “High Value Target”) system, where you can pick specific enemy leaders around Manhattan and eliminate them in exchange for various rewards.

Thirdly, a new Incursion means more elite gear that you can pick up in order to stand a chance at making it through the mission, including new weapons and armor.

And these four sets are called Final Measure, Lone Star, Predator’s Mark, and Hunter’s Faith. All of them seem to be on the same sort of level that you had seen in the first Incursion’s gear, where each set was geared towards a different style of play.

But new weapons and gear, a new Incursion, and a new bounty hunter mechanic aren’t the only things that you’ll be getting.

Among other things, players will now be able to play a brand new Dark Zone bracket for players that have over 200 Gear Score, and there’s another feature: Now you have to actually protect your extraction packages, otherwise a rogue agent can come and cut them off, taking the loot for themselves.

The Division update 1.2 drops next week, so if you’re looking to grab any of this new content, you should probably get ready.